Fluid Flow Sensor | Types and Product List

fluid flow sensor - mass flow meter

Fluid Flow Sensor refers to a type of instrument used to measure the flow rate or quantity of moving gases, steam, liquids or solids. Therefore, in terms of medium classification, we can divide Fluid Flow Sensor into 4 major categories. Used to measure and monitor the flow of gases, steam, liquids or solids respectively.

Below we will show our available flow meters according to different media.

Fluid Flow Sensors for Gases

Common ones that can be measured include single gases, mixed gases, pressurized gases, etc. Below are some common measurable gases and applications that you can refer to.

  • Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine;
  • Gas, air, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen peroxide, methane, butane, etc.
  • Natural gas, liquefied gas, torch gas, compressed air and multi-component gas measurement;
  • Aeration and fluorine gas measurement in biogas and water treatment;
  • Gas in the production process of cement, cigarette and glass factories, carbon dioxide gas flow in the beer production process;
  • Gas flow during semiconductor chip manufacturing process;
  • Gas flow measurement in solvent recovery systems;
  • Blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, flue gas;
  • Measurement of air in the gas process, calciner flue gas, and combustion gas in coal-fired boilers;
  • Flue gas flow (velocity) measurement from the chimney (CES);
  • Primary air, secondary air, mine underground ventilation or exhaust system flow of power plant blast furnace;
  • Gas flow (G speed) measurement in heating ventilation and air conditioning systems;

The above gases are only part of our experience summary and cannot completely cover all gases. For specific Fluid Flow Sensor model selection, please contact us!

Please note:
The gases above is generally dry gas. If you need to measure humid gas, please consult our sales engineer separately.

Fluid Flow Sensors for Steam

There are two types of steam: saturated steam and superheated steam. And measuring steam also involves high temperature, temperature and pressure compensation, etc. Therefore, when you choose a steam flow meter, please be sure to inform us of these parameters.

We also supply Steam Pressure Sensor/transducer for Industrial Steam Measurement.

Fluid Flow Sensors for Liquids

Flow sensor selection for liquids is more complex than for gases and vapors. Because pipe diameter, flow rate, pressure, High temperatures, extremely low temperatures, viscosity, chemical properties, etc. will all affect the selection of Fluid Flow Sensors models.

You can refer to our “Flowmeter Selection Guide | Find the Best One for Your Application” and follow the steps to slowly select the appropriate model.

In addition to the above contact flow sensors, there are also unique non-contact flow sensors. The liquid flow can be monitored without changing the pipeline.

Fluid Flow Sensors for Solid/Powder

The powder flow meter can measure various bulk solid powder materials. Common ones include: food powder, coal powder, mineral powder, feed, lime, cement, carbon black, petroleum coke powder, etc.

Our Sino-Inst solid flow meter can be widely used in various industrial purposes, such as ironmaking, power generation, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical industry, building materials processing, cement manufacturing and other industries.

Typical uses include coal injection pipelines in ironmaking blast furnaces, coal injection pipelines in thermal power generation boilers, total process transportation volume monitoring, various fuel boilers and other productive powder flow monitoring.

In addition to our fluid classifications here, you can also learn more to purchase the most suitable flow meter.

In addition to our fluid classifications here, you can also learn more to purchase the most suitable flow meter.

The above classification of Fluid Flow Sensors can help you choose the appropriate flow meter type simply and quickly. For specific models and configurations, you can confirm with our sales engineers!

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