Analog Flow Meters: An Encompassing Guide

Flow meters are necessary tools used across various industries to measure the rate at which a fluid (liquid or gas) moves through a system. Among the different types of flow meters, analog flow meters stand out due to their simpleness, reliableness, and broad range of applications. In this blog post, we will dig into the … Read more

Industrial Hydraulic Flow Meters | Mechanical & Digital

Hydraulic flow meters, also called hydraulic oil flow meters, monitor and control hydraulic system oil flow continuously or intermittently. To check the performance of hydraulic pumps and the settings of flow control valves. Hydraulic oil is the medium that transmits power in hydraulic machinery. Common hydraulic oils are based on mineral oil or water. Sino-Inst … Read more

RS485 Pressure Sensors

RS485 pressure sensors transmit pressure signals through the 485 bus. There are main advantages: easy integration into digital sensor networks; longer transmission distances, up to 1000m; more efficient and reliable data reading. Modbus-RTU intelligent pressure transmitters act as slaves in RS485 communication networks and follow the Modbus RTU protocol to communicate with the host to … Read more

Approaches To Gas Flow Measurement: Types and Applications Of Gas Flow Meters

Gas flow measurement is an essential technology in many industrial processes. For example, in the production of chemical products, accurate measurement of the flow of gases such as oxygen and nitrogen can ensure that the reactants are added to the reactor in the appropriate proportion to obtain high-quality products. Introduction: Why Gas Flow Measurement is … Read more

Role of Hydrostatic Level Transmitters In Well Water Level Monitoring Process

Introduction: An essence of well water level monitoring process Water is a vital resource for every creature’s survival. Wells have historically been one of the firsthand sources of freshwater for numerous cosmopolitan communities for centuries. Ascertaining the sustainable and efficient use of well water requires orderly monitoring of water levels. A well water level monitoring … Read more

Water Level Pressure Transducers

The water level pressure transducer measures water level based on the relationship between pressure and water level. It is an extremely simple, practical instrument. Of course, it can be used to measure more than just water. Any other liquid can be measured. Wastewater, seawater, chemical liquids, oils, etc. Sino-Inst produces and supplies a full range … Read more

Downhole Pressure Sensor up to 220MPa-175℃

Downhole pressure sensors are specially designed for pressure measurement in downhole oil oil & gas exploration. Designed for high temperature, high pressure, high shock and vibration environments. Very suitable for pressure measurement in downhole oil fields with harsh environments and demanding reliability. Pressure range: 0~0.5MPa~200MPa. Working temperature: -45℃~85℃~150℃~175℃. Features of Downhole Pressure Sensor Downhole pressure … Read more

Irrigation Flow Meters-Indispensable for Modern Agriculture and Irrigation

Irrigation Flow Meters are instruments used to measure the flow rate or velocity of water within an irrigation system. Including modern agricultural irrigation, commercial irrigation, municipal and groundwater monitoring, etc. Sino-Inst’s Irrigation Flow Meters are popular in modern agriculture. Especially irrigation management. We support customization of various flow meters to meet the monitoring needs of … Read more

U Series Coriolis Flow Meter

U series Coriolis flow meter – for mass, volume, temperature and density measurement. Coriolis flow meter is a flow meter that measures fluid mass based on the Coriolis force principle. It is mainly composed of a flow sensor and a flow transmitter. Sino-Inst U series Coriolis mass flow meter is an advanced high-precision mass flow … Read more

T Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

T Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter has a triangular sensor structure. The smallest caliber can be DN3. This structure flow meter is easy to measure when the instantaneous flow is small, and it is easy to ensure the measurement accuracy. Sino-Inst’s Coriolis Mass Flow Meter supports display of parameters such as instantaneous flow + cumulative … Read more