Industrial Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters

Industrial Nitrogen Gas Flow Measure Solutions CONTACT US Industrial Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters are digital flow meters for N2 gas measurement. Nitrogen gas is a widely used material involved in operations across an array of industries. Nitrogen is an inert gas. Nitrogen is required in many processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is … Read more

Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Flow Meters

Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Flow Measure Solutions CONTACT US Liquid Nitrogen Flow Meter is a Cryogenic Flow Meter. Nitrogen (N2), which is usually a colorless and odorless gas, and generally nitrogen gas has smaller density than air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.08% (volume fraction) of the total amount of the atmosphere and is one of the main … Read more

Flowmeters for Cryogenic Fluids Flow Measurement

Cryogenic Flow Meters – Multiple technologies for monitoring the flow rates of cryogenic fluids. CONTACT US Cryogenic Flow Meter can be used to monitor the flow rate of cryogenic fluids. Common industrial cryogenic fluids are O2, N2, Ne, H2, He and so on. Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid ammonia, and liquefied gas (LNG) … Read more

Flow Meters for Domestic Water-Potable Water-Drinking Water

Reliable Flow Measurement Solution for water treatment. CONTACT US Potable water flow meter also called Drinking water. Potable water flow meters are important for Domestic industries. Accurate flow measurement is essential to cost-conscious drinking water and potable water system. From water storage, transmission lines to raw water, water treatment and more. Reducing costs and improving … Read more

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Technology

More Ultrsonic Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Ultrasonic flow meters are non-intrusive type liquid flow meters. Ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow by detecting the effect of fluid flow on an ultrasonic beam (or ultrasonic pulse). There are two types of ultrasonic flow meter technologies: Doppler shift and transit-time. Ultrasonic flowmeters measure … Read more

SI-3706 Target Flow Meter

Target flow meters also known as drag force flow meters. Insert a target (drag element), usually a flat disc or a sphere with an extension rod, into the flow field. They then measure the drag force on the inserted target and convert it to the flow velocity. The structure of target type flowmeter: a measuring … Read more

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology

Show More Thermal Mass Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Thermal Mass Flow Meters. Do you need direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air and aqueous fluids ? We will discuss and explain various measurement techniques for Thermal mass flow meters. Thermal Mass Flow Meter (TMF) also called Thermal Flow Meter. Thermal Mass Flow … Read more

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Technology

Show More Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Coriolis Mass Flow Meters. Do you want to learn more about measurement technology for Coriolis mass flow meters? We will discuss and explain various measurement techniques for Coriolis mass flow meters. Coriolis mass flow meter also called micro motion flow meter. Coriolis mass flow meter … Read more

Differential Pressure Flow Meter Technology

Show More DP Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Differential Pressure Flow Meters Differential Pressure Flow Meters also called DP flow meters. Differential pressure flow meters consist of flow sensors and pressure/differential transmitters. DP Flow Meters measure the flow rate based on the differential pressure measured by the flow sensor parts. Flow sensors are the … Read more

Industrial Oil Flow Meters

Flow Measurement Solutions for Industrial Oils Oil flow meter is also called a fuel oil flow meter. Reliable and Accurate oil flow measurement is important for industrial Oil and Gas system. Such as curde oil, natural gas, liquid natural gas, coal, diesel, and fuel. Sino-Inst offers digital and mechanical oil flow meters for inline oil … Read more