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Oval Gear Flow Meters

A positive displacement flow meter is an instrument that accumulates flow directly based on the volume of discharged fluid or gas. Mechanical measuring elements are used to continuously divide the fluid into individual known volume parts. The total volume of fluid is measured based on the number of times the measuring chamber is repeatedly filled and drained of that volume fraction of fluid. Positive displacement flowmeter is referred to as PD flowmeter, which is a type of flow meter with higher accuracy.

Positive displacement flow meter measurement uses a fixed small volume to repeatedly measure the volume of fluid passing through the flow meter.

Therefore, there must be a space that constitutes a standard volume inside the positive displacement flow meter, which is usually called the “measurement space” or “measurement chamber” of the positive displacement flow meter. This space is composed of the inner wall of the instrument housing and the rotating parts of the flow meter.

The working principle of Positive displacement flow meter is: when the fluid passes through the flow meter, a certain pressure difference will be generated between the inlet and outlet of the flow meter. The rotating part of the flow meter (referred to as the rotor) rotates under the action of this pressure difference and discharges the fluid from the inlet to the outlet. In this process, the fluid fills the “metering space” of the flow meter again and again, and then is continuously sent to the outlet.

positive displacement flow meter working principle
Under given flow meter conditions, the volume of the metering space is determined as long as the number of rotations of the rotor is measured. The cumulative value of the fluid volume passing through the flow meter can be obtained.

Advantages of positive displacement flow meter:

  • High measurement accuracy.
  • The installation pipeline conditions have no impact on the measurement accuracy, and there is no need for straight pipe sections.
  • Can be used for measuring high viscosity liquids.
  • Wide range.
  • The direct-reading instrument can directly obtain the cumulative total without external energy, which is clear and easy to operate.
  • Can be configured with an electronic display that supports pulse, current 4-20mA, RS485 and other signal outputs.
  • Can be customized for ultra-high and low-temperature applications.

Disadvantages of positive displacement flow meter:

  • The structure is complex and the volume is huge.
  • The type, diameter, and working status of the medium to be measured have great limitations.
  • Most meters are only suitable for clean single-phase fluids.
  • Produce noise and vibration;
  • Not suitable for liquids with foreign matter and low viscosity (above 1CP);
  • Bearings are prone to wear and require regular inspection.

Positive displacement flow meters can be classified according to measuring components.

Common types include the following:

  1. Oval gear
  2. Helical gear
  3. Spur gear
  4. Reciprocating/oscillating piston
  5. Multi-piston
  6. Nutating plate/disk
  7. Rotary vane/sliding vane
  8. Bi-rotor and tri-rotor

Featured Oval Gear Flow Meters

Industrial Oval Gear Flow Meters are positive displacement type volume meters. Sino-Inst offers High temperature and high pressure types oval gear flow meters for special use. Oval Gear Flow Meters are suitable for chemical fluids, like: fuel oil, water…
With the features like: easy installation, high precision, and better price.
SI-3601 Positive Displacement Oval Gear Fuel Flow Meter
SI-3601 Positive Displacement Oval Gear Fuel Flow Meter
SI-3602 High temperature Oval Gear Flow Meter
SI-3602 High temperature Oval Gear Flow Meter
SI-3603 High Viscosity Oval Gear Flow Meter
SI-3603 High Viscosity Oval Gear Flow Meter

Featured Spur Gear Flow Meters

Spur gear transmitters can measure very small flows and quantify small volumes of liquid. Compared with oval gear flow meters, GF Series Gear Flow Meter has more advantages in measuring micro flow.

There are aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material. Hydraulic oil, diesel oil, and even high viscosity fluids can be measured. There is a new type of PTFE material, which can withstand hydrofluoric acid, 98% sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid , etc.

GF Series Gear Flow Meter
GF Series Gear Flow Meter

Featured Special Rotor/Gear PD Flow Meters

In addition to oval gear flowmeters and circular gear flowmeters, our Sino-Inst products cover spiral rotor flowmeters, waist wheel flowmeters, etc. made of various materials and uses. It is widely used in trade settlement and measurement in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, electric power, water supply, irrigation, transportation, food, medicine, military industry, scientific research and other industries.
liquid roots meter
Liquid Roots Meter – Aviation, Marine, Oil System Flow Meter
TYL Series Roots Gas Meter
TYL Series Roots Gas Meter
Rotary Flow Meter - Strong Adaptability to Viscosity Changes
Rotary Flow Meter – Strong Adaptability to Viscosity Changes-DN20~DN100

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