High-Pressure Flow Meters

High Pressure Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement Solutions.

Are you looking for flow meters for fluids under high pressures? Such as in hydarulic testing. Sino-Inst offers idel solutions for challenging high-pressure processes. High pressure water, high pressure air, in chemical injection systems, and so many other applications. Sino-Inst offers high pressure flow meters which withstand pressures up to 10,000 psi (70Mpa), and are available in a variety of different flow ranges. Common types of high pressure flow meters: High pressure orifice plate flow meters. High pressure turbine flow meters. High pressure electromagnetic flow meters. High pressure precession vortex flow meters, and High pressure mass flow meters.

Sino-Inst supplies a wide range of flow meters for high pressure flow measurement, if you need any further help or information, please contact us.

Featured High-Pressure Flow Meters

SI-3206 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter
SI-3206 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter
SI-3103 Magnetic Water Flow Meter
SI-3103 Magnetic Water Flow Meter
SI-3104 split-type-magnetic-flow-meter
SI-3104 Split Type Magnetic Flow Meter
SI-3305 Intelligent Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter
SI-3305 Intelligent Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter
SI-3503 Gas Mass Flow Meter
SI-3503 Gas Mass Flow Meter
SI-3504 Coriolis Liquid Mass Flow Meter
SI-3504 Coriolis Liquid Mass Flow Meter
SI-3701 Orifice Plate Flow Meter
SI-3701 Orifice Plate Flow Meter
SI-3704 Venturi Tube Flow Meter
SI-3704 Venturi Tube Flow Meter

Technologies for High-Pressure Flow Measurement

High pressure Magnetic flow meter

High pressure Mass flow meter

High pressure Turbine flow meter

High pressure Precession Vortex Flowmeter

High pressure Orifice flow meter

High pressure Venturi flow meter

Applications for High-Pressure Flow Meters

Depending on the application, high-pressure flow meters can be used to measure the flow of high-pressure gases and liquids.

High pressure liquids are generally gaseous under normal pressure. It will change into a liquid when it reaches a certain pressure. If the air pressure becomes instantaneously low, the liquid will quickly vaporize, expand in volume, cause an explosion, and absorb a large amount of heat. If it is said that the hazard in the explosion should be the point where the high-pressure liquid is harmful.

Because the gas is converted into a liquid under high pressure, the volume will be greatly reduced. So, in contrast, the destructive force will be greater when the high-pressure liquid explodes.

High pressure air flow meter

Compressed air is a common high-pressure gas.

Compressed Air Flow Meter is the digital flow meter work for the air compressor. Thermal mass, vortex, portable ultrasonic, and DP flowmeters are commom gas flow sensors. Air consumption is an important info for industrial inline gas flow pipe. Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy in manufacturing plants. And compressure air accounts for up to 20% of the overall energy costs. So, It is important to measure compressed air flows precisely in all conditions. This can improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems while reducing costs. Sino-Inst offers compresses air flow meters with and without local display. And 4-20mA and 0-10v outputs and for hazardous area applications are available.

High pressure liquid flow meter

Hydraulic pumps are commonly used in industry to increase liquids to form high pressure liquids.
High pressure liquid pressure pump is a product specially designed and manufactured for water, hydraulic oil, emulsion, alcohol and other liquid pressurization. Widely used in liquid pressurization and high pressure oil hydraulic equipment.

Common applications such as wastewater treatment.

Technical Support

High Viscosity Flow Meters

High Viscosity Flow Meters

High Viscosity Flow Meters: The Flow Measurement Solutions of Viscous Liquids

Flow Meters for Domestic Water-Potable Water-Drinking Water

Flow Meters for Domestic Water

Reliable Flow Measurement Solution for water treatment.

Cooling Water Flow Measurement

Cooling Water Flow Measurement

Flow Meters for water for cooling, spraying, seals, mixing, deburring, and washing.

Flowmeters for Cryogenic Fluids Flow Measurement

Cryogenic Fluids Flow Measurement

Cryogenic Flow Meters – Multiple technologies for monitoring the flow rates of cryogenic fluids.

natural gas flow meters

Natural Gas Flow Measurement

Natural Gas Flow Meter, is the inline flow meter for natural gas pipeline.

Industrial Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters

Industrial Nitrogen Flow Meters

Industrial Nitrogen Flow Measurement Solutions

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