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Industrial Hydraulic Flow Meters Mechanical & Digital

Hydraulic flow meters, also called hydraulic oil flow meters, monitor and control hydraulic system oil flow continuously or intermittently. To check the performance of hydraulic pumps and the settings of flow control valves.

Hydraulic oil is the medium that transmits power in hydraulic machinery. Common hydraulic oils are based on mineral oil or water. Sino-Inst offers a wide range of mechanical and electronic flow meters designed for hydraulic systems.

Featured Hydraulic Flow Meters

Benefits of Hydraulic Flow Meters

  • Mechanical or electronic type available.
  • Electronic hydraulic flowmeter supports signal output. Such as pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, etc.
  • High-precision measurement, commonly used 0.5%, optional 0.2%;
  • Wide range of applicable viscosity.
  • High pressure can be customized, 10MPa, 20MPa, 30MPa, 40MPa, etc.

Hydraulic Oil Flow Meters Types

Oval Gear Flowmeter – Mechanical Type

Oval gear flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter. Its working principle is to use mechanical measuring elements to continuously divide the incoming flow into single or several parts of known volume. The volume of the fluid passing through is measured according to the number of times the measuring chamber is filled with liquid per unit time.

Oval gear flowmeter can have a direct reading pointer indicator without other external energy. The operation is simple and clear. The viscosity range used is very wide, especially for high viscosity liquids, the measurement accuracy is also very good.

Oval Gear Flow Meter - Mechanical Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter

Digital Flow Indicators for Hydraulic Oil

GF Series Gear Flow Meter is a new product of ours. It is a transmitter for measuring volume flow with high precision 0.5%. Digital indicator, also supports signal output. It is more tolerant to liquid viscosity.

Compared with oval gear flow meters, GF Series Gear Flow Meter has more advantages in measuring micro flow(minimum 0.6L/h). There are aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material. Hydraulic oil, diesel oil, and even high viscosity fluids can be measured.

GF Series Gear Flow Meter for Hydraulic Oil

Turbine flowmeters are also often used to measure oil media. However, turbine flowmeters are not very tolerant of the viscosity of the medium. Therefore, they are usually used for fluids with viscosities below 100 cSt. However, turbine flow meters can be customized in high-pressure styles.

Mass flow meters measure hydraulic oil

Coriolis mass flow meter can directly measure the mass flow rate of fluids. Mass flow meter has the highest measurement accuracy, up to 0.2%, 0.1%. It has low requirements for fluid state and can show excellent performance even in harsh working environments.

More Flow Measurement Solutions

Sino-Inst supplies more than 20 types of hydraulic flow meters. Including turbine flow meters, oval gear flow meters, mass flow meters and other types of flow meters.

Hydraulic oil flow meters are mainly used for flow measurement of various oil products. Even liquids such as crude oil, lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel, etc. can be measured.

The entire team at Sino-Inst is excellently trained, so we can ensure that every customer’s needs are met. For help with your product requirements, whether it is hydraulic flow meters, level sensors, or other equipment, give us a call.

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