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Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Doppler effect ultrasonic flow meters are specially designed for the measurement of liquids containing solid particles or bubbles with a lot of impurities or relatively dirty liquids.

Can be configured with external clamp sensor or insert sensor. The external clamp sensor can be installed or removed without interrupting the production process. It does not come into contact with the fluid. It is easy to install. Insert sensors can also be installed online without interrupting the production process and can obtain higher signal strength.

Doppler effect ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for dirty liquids and have excellent cost performance.

Featured Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow Meters

doppler flow meter working principle

Doppler ultrasonic flow meters utilize the Doppler effect in physics. The presence of discontinuities in any flowing liquid causes a frequency shift in the reflected ultrasonic signal. That is, there is a phase difference in the signal. By measuring the phase difference, the flow rate can be measured.

Theoretically, these discontinuities could be suspended bubbles, solids, or interfaces caused by fluid disturbances.

The sensor generates and receives ultrasonic signals and provides data to the host. The host processes the signals and provides analog outputs for speed display and volume flow display and accumulation as well as relay outputs.

doppler flow meter working principle

Additionally, the head unit includes a signal strength indicator. It ensures satisfactory operation.

The Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter supplied by Sino-Inst is based on the Doppler ultrasonic measurement principle and uses the phase difference method to process signals. It has unique digital filtering technology and frequency modulation and demodulation technology. Automatically shape the received waveform signal. Can measure lined pipes and is less sensitive to pipe vibrations.

doppler effect ultrasonic flow meters advantages

  • Excellent low flow velocity measurement capability, down to 0.05m/s;
  • Extremely wide flow measurement range, high flow rate up to 12/s;
  • Adaptive signal gain adjustment;
  • Whether it is clamp-on or insert sensor, it can be installed online;
  • The operation is simple, just input the inner diameter to achieve flow measurement;
  • Instantaneous flow and accumulated flow pulse output and flow alarm output;
  • Very suitable for large diameter sewage measurement.


Doppler effect ultrasonic flow meters are mainly used in environmental testing of urban sewage treatment plants and drainage pumping stations. And in mining, oil fields, metallurgy, chemicals, refining, papermaking, food and other industries. Urban drainage, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, mud, pulp, oil and water Mixed liquid and other flow measurement.

Clamp on doppler flow meter Applications 1

Doppler type ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for rigid pipes such as steel and rigid plastic pipes. They can measure liquids containing suspended solid particles or bubbles in pipes of various diameters and wall thicknesses.

Sino-Inst Doppler effect ultrasonic flow meters are mainly used in the following fields:

  1. Raw sewage, oily sewage, waste water, dirty circulating water, etc.
  2. Liquid media containing particles and bubbles in industrial production processes, such as chemical slurries, toxic waste liquids, etc.
  3. Liquids containing sediment and particles, such as slag liquid, oil field drilling grouting fluid, port dredging, etc.
  4. Various turbid slurries, such as paper pulp, mineral pulp, crude oil, etc.
  5. The online installation is pluggable, which is particularly suitable for measuring raw sewage flow in large pipe diameters.
  6. On-site flow calibration and flow test of the above working conditions media, and on-site verification of other flow meters.

More Flow Measurement Solutions

Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow Meters and transit time ultrasonic flow meters are extremely unique products. The transit flow meter is mainly suitable for measuring liquids that are relatively pure or contain a small amount of particles or bubbles. Doppler flowmeter contains liquids containing certain solid impurities and bubbles or slurries.

Sino-Inst supplies various types of Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Including clamp-on type, insert type, portable, etc. Bidirectional measurements are possible and even the net flow value can be calculated.

If you need to purchase Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow Meters, or have related technical questions, please contact our engineers!

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