Industrial Digital Helium Flow Meters | Mass-Volume Flow

Industrial Digital Helium Flow Meters

Helium flow meters are used to measure helium pipeline flow rate, volume flow or mass flow. Helium is an inert, non-flammable noble gas.

The flow of helium gas through pipelines and circulation systems can be monitored through various flow sensing technologies. And present the results as physical quantities (such as volume flow or mass flow). It can also be configured with 4-20mA, pulse, RS485 and other signal outputs. It is convenient for remote monitoring of the flow rate of helium pipeline.

Properties and Industrial Applications of Helium

Helium, symbol He, is a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas under natural conditions, and is 7 times lighter than air. Helium has the advantages of extremely low viscosity and strong thermal conductivity.

The uses of helium are in various aspects of industry and daily life.

Helium uses in science and industry

Helium is used as a coolant for superconducting magnets in microscopes and magnetic resonance imaging. The temperature of liquid helium (-268.93 °C) is close to absolute zero (-273.15°C). Therefore it is used as a superfluid in superconducting research to create superconducting materials. Liquid helium is also commonly used as a coolant and refrigerant.

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Nuclear reactor

Helium is used for cooling and heat exchange in nuclear reactors and for purification of enriched uranium diffusion elements after repair. Research is currently underway to use nuclear energy to further process iron, with helium being used as a heat carrier.

Applications in rocketry and space navigation

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Helium is a pressurized gas used to transport liquid propellants (such as liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid fluorine, etc.). It is also used to clean the motor and machine tubes of injectors.


Helium is one of the main elements in oxygen tanks, which are used in a variety of ways when descending into the deep ocean. Mixed with 20% oxygen, it reduces the density of the gases people breathe in and out. This is an action they can perform without much physical effort.

Helium uses in the medical field

In its liquid form, it is used to power magnetic resonance imaging machines. Additionally, it can be used to treat respiratory conditions when mixed with oxygen.

Leak detection

Helium is used to detect leaks in pressure, vacuum and vacuum technology. The element filters out small cracks and detects leaks in pipes, vessels and cryogenic tanks. Once the leak is located, the detector reports the amount of helium leaving the system being inspected.

For welding

This use began in the 1930s, especially for welding metals containing aluminum, iron and other elements. Helium, helium or mixtures of helium and helium are commonly used in industry as protective gases.

In summary, helium’s primary uses extend into scientific, medical, chemical, and industrial fields. Due to its low density and low reactivity, it is used to fill balloons and airships, and is an important addition to oxygen tanks.

Featured Industrial Digital Helium Flow Meters

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Helium exists in the gaseous state in nature and is an inert, non-flammable noble gas. It stands out for its high thermal conductivity, low weight and molecular size. Due to these qualities, it is a much appreciated product.

When we choose a helium flow meter, we mainly need to consider the following factors: flow range (mass flow or volume flow), temperature, pressure, accuracy requirements, output signal requirements, budget, etc.

Sino-Inst has long been producing and supplying various industrial helium flow meters. Supports customization of various parameters such as pressure and temperature. If you need to purchase a helium flow meter or have related technical questions, please contact our engineers!

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