What Is the Flow Rate? Velocity vs Flow

What Is the Flow Rate

What Is the Flow Rate? Is the flow rate the same as Flow?

When we choose a flowmeter, we often know the fluid parameters of the pipeline. Including flow range, pressure, pipe diameter, etc. Flow rates and flow ranges are different. Flow is divided into volume flow and mass flow. So what is the relationship and difference between them? Let’s take a look.

What is Flow Rate?

Flow Rate is the flow rate of the fluid.

When the actual fluid flows in the pipe, due to the internal friction of the fluid itself and the friction between the fluid and the pipe wall, the flow velocity of the fluid particle is different in each place of the pipe. That is, the flow velocity along the pipe wall is the lowest, and the flow velocity in the center of the pipe is the lowest. Highest.

Usually, when calculating the flow velocity in engineering, the average flow velocity is used.

Gases and liquids are collectively referred to as fluids. Velocity is the distance flowed per unit of time, usually represented by the symbol v, and the unit is m/s.

What Is Flow?

The amount of fluid flowing through the effective cross-sectional area of the pipe in unit time is called flow. The flow rate is expressed by the volume of the fluid flowing through it, which is called volume flow. The flow rate is expressed by the mass of the fluid flowing through it, which is called mass flow.

Generally used volume flow.

The volumetric flow rate is equal to the cross-sectional average velocity multiplied by the cross-sectional area (the area corresponding to the inner diameter of the water pipe outlet).
Expressed by the formula, that is, Qv=VxA
The unit of Qv is m³/s
The unit of V is m/s
The unit of A is square meters.
It should be noted that the velocity here is the average velocity of the section.

The mass flow is equal to the density of the fluid times the volumetric flow rate.
The unit of Qm is kg/s
The unit of p is kg/m³

Volume Flow vs Mass Flow

In the general industry, flow control is divided into volume flow and mass flow. They are as follows:
Volume flow (Qv): The flow rate changes with pressure and temperature.
Mass flow (Qm): The flow rate will not change due to pressure and temperature.

The two have the following relationship: Qm=pQv

where p is the density of the fluid.

Common units of volume flow are m³/s, m³/h, m³/d, L/s, L/min, etc.

The units of mass flow are: kg/s, kg/min, kg/h, g/s, g/min.

Featured volume flow meters

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SI-3103 Magnetic Water Flow Meter
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Featured Mass flow meters

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