SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor

Waterproof Pressure Sensor is suitable for underwater pipeline pressure measurement in outdoor and humid environments.

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor is specially designed for the pressure monitoring of outdoor open-air pressure pipelines and submerged pipelines. With IP68 protection level, it can work stably under the condition of 200 meters underwater. Whether it is harsh environmental conditions or rapidly changing Under the pressure value, Waterproof Pressure Sensor can show excellent long-term stability and accurate reliability. To provide you with professional waterproof measurement solutions.

Features of Waterproof Pressure Sensor

  • IP68 protection level, can work normally under 200m water
  • Fully welded stainless steel structure, liquid level measurement process is safe and sealed
  • Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, atmospheric pressure, vacuum pressure measurement
  • RS-232/RS-485 communication output optional
  • Laser calibration zero full scale, anti-interference motherboard design
  • Built-in high-performance temperature compensation module, the influence of temperature is small
  • Reverse polarity protection and instantaneous overcurrent overvoltage protection

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor Specifications

Measuring medium:Various liquids, gases and vapors compatible with 304, 316L stainless steel
Overload:1.5 times full scale pressure
Pressure type:Gauge or absolute or sealed gauge
Accuracy:±0.5%FS (typical); ±0.2%FS (optional)
Long-term stability:±0.2%FS/year
Zero temperature coefficient:±0.03%FS/°C (reference 25°C)
Full scale temperature coefficient:±0.03%FS/°C (reference 25°C)
Operating temperature:-30~85°C (common type); -10~60°C (intrinsically safe type)
Storage temperature:-40~120℃
Power supply:5VDC, 24VDC
Output signal:Two-wire system 4~20mA current or three-wire system voltage
Insulation resistance:100MΩ; 500VDC
Shell protection:IP68
Electrical connections:Direct line

Shell: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 316L
Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L
O-ring: Nitrile or Viton
Cable: Nitrile, polyethylene optional

Order Guide

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor
CodeOutput Signal
CodeProcess Connection
CodeElectrical connections
C1Hirschman joint
C2cable output
CodeStructural materials
M3TantalumHastelloy C316L
CodeAdditional functions
GGauge pressure (default)
AAbsolute pressure
SSealed gauge pressure
vViton O-ring (default)
jNitrile O-ring
hFully welded, no O-rings
iIntrinsically safe, Exia II CT6
V1Power supply 24VDC
V5Power supply 5VDC
SI-1801   (0-1)MPa B1 P1 C2  M1 GV1

Waterproof Pressure Sensor Applications

  • Engineering machinery
    • Outdoor Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
    • Underwater pipeline pressure monitoring
    • Industrial process control
    • Engineering Equipment Machinery
    • Loading and unloading equipment
    • Test Bench
  • Mobile hydraulic equipment
  • Hydropneumatic System Monitoring

Advantages of Waterproof Pressure Transmitters

  1. The installation of a waterproof and breathable membrane can not only allow the external air of the locomotive pressure transmitter to enter the interior of the pressure transmitter and work normally, but also effectively prevent external moisture from entering the interior of the locomotive pressure transmitter. Ensure the pressure inside the transmitter The sensor will not fail to function due to the humidity of the external environment.
  2. Setting up a waterproof and breathable membrane can maintain the balance of internal and external air pressure, thus ensuring the consistency of the product under atmospheric pressure in various places, thereby ensuring the correct measurement.

Learn More About Pressure Sensors

Liquid level can be determined using a submersible pressure sensor that takes continuous pressure measurements from the bottom of the tank or from a measuring point where the sensor diaphragm is placed.

If the pressure sensor is located at the bottom of the measuring range, for example at the bottom of a tank, the pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid directly above it.

If the tank is vented, the pressure sensor can also be configured as a vented gauge measurement type, correcting for changes in air pressure through the vent tube in the cable.

A pressure sensor can be used to measure tank pressure.

  1. Installed at the lower end of the water storage container, the measured pressure is the water pressure.
  2. If it is a pressure sealed water storage container. Differential pressure sensors can be installed at the uppermost and lowermost ends of the container. The measured pressure is the water pressure.

Fluid pressure sensors are mainly used in: construction machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, petrochemical, energy and water treatment, water conservancy and hydropower, compressors and other fields.

For example: fluid pressure sensors are used in hydraulic systems.

The pressure sensor is mainly used in the hydraulic system to complete the closed-loop control of the force.

When the control spool moves suddenly, a peak pressure several times the system working pressure will be formed in a very short time.

In typical mobile and industrial hydraulics, any pressure sensor would quickly be destroyed if it was not designed for such extreme conditions. Shock-resistant pressure sensors are required.

There are two main methods for the pressure sensor to achieve impact resistance, one is to change the strain gauge chip. Another method is to connect external coils.

Generally, the first method is adopted in the hydraulic system, mainly because of the convenience of installation.
Another reason is that the pressure sensor is subjected to constant pressure pulsations from the hydraulic pump.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our Waterproof Pressure Sensor, you can always contact us and we will be with you shortly.

More Featured Pressure Sensors


The pressure sensor can monitor the water pressure at the pressure measuring point of the water supply pipeline.

For example, 7 electromagnetic flowmeters are installed on the main network of the urban water supply area, and a pressure sensor monitoring device is installed at the same time. Use big data to monitor and judge the operation of the urban water supply network in real time. Realized water volume, water pressure on-line monitoring and whole-process monitoring.

Water pressure sensor is a kind of pressure sensor commonly used in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial dynamic environments, water conservancy and hydropower projects, transportation and construction equipment, production automatic control systems, aerospace technology, ship technology, transportation pipelines and other areas.

The core of the water pressure sensor is usually made of diffused silicon. The working principle is that the pressure of the measured water pressure acts directly on the diaphragm of the sensor. Make the diaphragm produce a micro-displacement proportional to the water pressure. Change the resistance value of the sensor. and electronically detect this change. And convert and output a standard measurement signal corresponding to the pressure.

Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Waterproof Pressure Sensors. We supply more than 15 types of Waterproof Pressure Sensors.

There are many types of pressure sensors, such as resistance strain gauge pressure sensors, semiconductor strain gauge pressure sensors, Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors, inductive pressure sensors, capacitive pressure sensors, resonant pressure sensors and capacitive sensors.

The waterproof pressure transmitter adopts high-precision and high-stability chip assembly of imported stainless steel isolation diaphragms. The product is manufactured through precise structural design, reasonable temperature compensation, linear processing circuit, V/I conversion and fully sealed welding process for stainless steel shell.

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor output signal 4~20mA, 0~10mA, 0~5VDC, etc. The product can be used to measure the pressure of high temperature gas, liquid and steam and the pressure of corrosive medium. According to needs, it can be equipped with a linear 100% pointer gauge or a digital display gauge.

SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor has been applied in the Earthquake Bureau, and other field pressure measurement sites. It can perform excellent pressure measurement outdoors and underwater, providing you with a professional waterproof measurement solution.

Sino-Inst has provided pressure measurement solutions to customers for many years. Our pressure sensor, made in China. Widely exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Norway and other countries.

If you need Waterproof Pressure Sensors, but have technical questions, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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    SI-1801 Waterproof Pressure Sensor IP68-Underwater 200 meter

    Waterproof Pressure Sensor is suitable for underwater pipeline pressure measurement in outdoor and humid environments.

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