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Featured Stainless Steel Pressure transducers

Stainless steel pressure transducers are suitable for detecting air pressure and liquid pressure in harsh media environments. Such as sewage, steam, mildly corrosive liquids and gases, etc.

For our stainless steel pressure transmitter, not only the wetted material (measuring diaphragm) is made of stainless steel, but the housing is also made of stainless steel. Can measure any range from -0.1~100MPa. Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed pressure are optional. Signal output options are 4~20mA, 1~5V, 0~20mA, 0~5V, RS485\HART, etc.

Featured Stainless Steel Pressure transducers

Our Sino-Inst General Purpose stainless steel pressure transmitter adopts a stainless steel integrated structure. The built-in buffering and damping have undergone multiple aging and potting treatments. It achieves solid state and high stability, is easy to install, and has extremely high shock resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance. Can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

Stainless Steel Pressure transducers with special parameters support customization of high temperature, high pressure, extremely low temperature and other parameters.

Customer Case

One of our customers needed a flange pressure transmitter to measure liquid level. Due to the particularity of the measurement environment, an all-stainless steel housing is required. Therefore, we customized a batch of stainless steel flange pressure transmitters for him. The parameters are as follows:

  • Flange mounted pressure transmitter
  • Measuring range: -100kPa~100kPa,
  • Linear output 4-20mA, 2 wires
  • ANSI American standard (HG20615) flange: DN50, 150LB, 316 stainless steel + spray PTFE coating.
  • Shell: stainless steel,
  • Temperature: 200℃;
  • Electrical interface: M20×1.5
  • LCD multi-function digital display

More solutions for pressure measurement

Stainless Steel Pressure transducers feature all-stainless steel housings for superior corrosion resistance. Can be used in salt spray, water vapor and other harsh environments. Stainless Steel Pressure transducers have undergone multiple stainless steel weldings to meet explosion-proof design requirements and can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

Our Sino-Inst Stainless Steel Pressure transducers support customization of various parameters, including: pressure range, mounting thread, wetted material, model output, overall size, temperature and other parameters. It is widely used in flammable and explosive situations in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, hydrology, geology, shipbuilding and other industries.

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