Fluid Pressure Sensors for Industrial Liquids Pressure Measurement

Fluid Pressure Sensors for Industrial Liquids Pressure Measurement

Fluid pressure sensors refer to a type of pressure sensor that can be used to measure the pressure of liquid media. Also called Liquid Pressure Sensors and Transmitters. Such as common water, waste water, hydraulic oil, chemical corrosive liquid and other fluid media. Sino-Inst supplies a variety of customized fluid pressure sensors, including: customized installation dimensions, customized signal output, corrosion-resistant wetted materials, customized high temperature, extremely low temperature and other extreme conditions.

Sino-Inst offers a range of liquid pressure sensors and transmitters. These include gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors. Widely used in various industrial automatic control environments.

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This type of fluid is commonly found in high-temperature industrial processes. Such as high temperature steam, molten metal or hot oil, etc. These fluids require sensors that can withstand high temperature environments.

Our Sino-Inst high-temperature pressure sensors can meet the measurement environment of various high-temperature segments. Including 300℃, 450℃, 600℃, 800℃, 850℃, up to 1200℃.

Such as liquid nitrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), etc. These fluids require sensors that can operate at extremely low temperatures and materials that are protected from becoming brittle due to low temperatures.

Our Sino-Inst cryogenic pressure sensors can meet common cryogenic fluid temperatures. Including -184℃, -196℃, 210℃.

Including chemically active liquids such as acids, alkalis, and salt solutions. These fluids require sensors made of special materials, such as stainless steel, titanium alloys or special plastics, to resist corrosion.

Our Sino-Inst fluid pressure transmitters are available in a variety of wetted materials. Including stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.

Such as heavy oil, honey, lubricating oil, etc. Another example is liquids with solid particles, such as sewage, mud, etc. This type of fluid requires the sensor to have certain anti-clogging properties. Such fluids may affect the sensor’s response time and accuracy, requiring special design to ensure accurate measurements.

Our Sino-Inst fluid pressure sensors can be configured with flat membrane sensors. Without the pressure hole, the measured medium will not block the sensor.

This type of fluid mainly appears in food processing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other fields, including but not limited to milk, juice, vaccines and other pharmaceutical solutions. These fluids are characterized by extremely high requirements on environmental hygiene and material safety. Therefore, sensors used to measure such fluids usually need to comply with specific hygiene standards, such as FDA standards or 3-A hygiene standards.

We at Sino-Inst supply hygienic fluid sensors. Sensors should be designed to prevent the accumulation of contamination and be easy to clean and high-temperature sterilize to prevent microbial growth. Sensor materials need to be safe and non-toxic and will not pollute the fluid. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, special plastics or silicone.

This type of fluid mainly appears in high-pressure applications, such as deep-sea oil extraction, high-pressure testing equipment, high-pressure water jet cutting, etc.

The maximum pressure of conventional pressure transmitters is generally 100MPa. The bodies of our high-pressure type pressure sensors are usually made of high-strength materials, such as special steel or high-strength alloys, to withstand extremely high pressures. The high pressure range can be customized to 400MPa-700MPa-1000MPa.

Such as gasoline, natural gas, etc. Sensors that measure this type of fluid need to have an explosion-proof design to ensure safe use in flammable and explosive environments.

Our Sino-Inst pressure sensors can provide explosion-proof designs to meet EXID, EXIA and other explosion-proof grade requirements.

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We at Sino-Inst supply a wide range of Fluid Pressure Sensors for industrial use. It can meet the pressure measurement of various liquids and special environments.

We supply more than 50 types of pressure transmitters, including monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters, capacitive pressure transmitters, ceramic pressure transmitters, diffused silicon pressure transmitters, etc. Widely cited in process industries such as paper and pulp, food and beverage, petroleum and chemicals, oil and gas.

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