SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor

SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor

High Frequency Pressure Sensor is also called high frequency dynamic pressure transmitter. The natural frequency of the sensor can reach 1-2MHz, and it can measure high-frequency pressure changes in the bandwidth range of 0-200KHz, and the pressure range is from -100KPa~0~10Kpa…100MPa. The SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor is a high-speed measurement readout response pressure sensing device. The preferred solution for dynamic pressure measurement.

Features of High Frequency Pressure Sensor

  • Wide range of measuring media;
  • Wide pressure measurement range;
  • Natural frequency up to 2MHz;
  • Work stability;
  • Strong anti-interference ability;
  • Small size and light weight;
  • Complete types, high cost performance;

SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor Specifications

Measuring range-100KPa~0-20KPa…1MPa…100MPa (gauge pressure, negative pressure, composite pressure)
Measuring mediumGases or liquids compatible with 316 stainless steel
Static accuracy±0.1%FS ±0.25%FS ±0.5%FS
Power supply voltage12-36VDC (typical 24VDC); ±15VDC (typical)
Natural frequency180KHz-500KHz 500KHz-1MHz 1MHz-2MHz
Transmitter bandwidth0-1KHz…3 KHz 0-20 KHz 0-200 Khz
Rise Time0-60uS 0-1uS…3uS 0-0.2uS…1uS
Signal outputAnalog signal: current signal: 4-20mA; voltage signal: 0-5V; 1-5V; 0-10V; 0.5-4.5V
Digital signal: RS485
Operating temperature-40~85℃ Special use up to 200℃
Compensation temperature-10~70℃
Storage temperature-40~60℃
Long-term stabilityTypical: ±0.1%FS/year Maximum: ±0.2%FS/year
Zero temperature driftTypical: ±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum: ±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature driftTypical: ±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum: ±0.05%FS/℃
Overload capacity150%FS(>10MPa) ;200%FS(≤10MPa)
Effective measurement life﹥106 pressure cycles (P:10-90%FS)
Vibration resistance20g, (IEC 60068-2-6)
Impact resistance20g, 11mS
Response time≤2ms
ResolutionGreater than 10-5 (usually limited acquisition and display equipment, theoretically infinitely small)
Pressure interfaceM20*1.5, G1/4B (typical), G1/2B, NPT1/4 (optional)
Electrical connectionsConnector or straight out cable 1m
Interface and housing material304/316L stainless steel
Shell protectionIP65 (plug type) IP67 (cable type)
Seal ringfluororubber
Sensor diaphragmSilicon/monocrystalline silicon/316L
WeightThe sensor is about 20-30 grams, and the transmitter is about 300 grams

Order Guide

SI-90High Frequency Pressure Sensor
CodePressure Range
CodeTransmitter bandwidth
H2 0~20KHz
H3 0~20KHz
CodeOutput Signal
CodeProcess Connection
CodeElectrical connections
C1Hirschman joint
C2Cable output
C3Aviation connector
CodeAdditional functions
GGauge pressure (default)
AAbsolute pressure
SSealed gauge pressure
PFlush film
THigh temperature -XX℃
SI-90  (0-40)MPa H2 B1 P1 C1 G E

Learn More About High Frequency Pressure Sensor

The high-frequency pressure sensor is designed for the special requirements of the high-frequency system for the pressure sensor. Experiments and other scientific experiments and modern instrumentation.

It is necessary to measure some dynamic pressure waveforms, amplitudes, and effective values with high frequency of change and rapid rise of pressure waveforms without distortion. This requires the pressure sensor used to have high natural frequency, extremely short rise time and wide and excellent response frequency .To ensure sufficient dynamic pressure measurement accuracy. It is suitable for working conditions with strong vibration and large impact.

  • Military engineering
  • Chemical explosion test
  • Petroleum Exploration and Well Testing
  • Mechanics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Trauma medicine
  • Hydraulic power machinery test and other scientific tests

Pressure detection of gas explosion.

Generally used in pipeline gas explosion experiments, the pressure range is generally 0.5MPa ~ 10Mpa. According to the amount of gas mixed in the experiment, the explosion space and the installation location, the pressure range is different.

Underwater blasting experiment.

Generally, the sensor is installed on the inner wall of the underwater instrument. The pressure sensitive element of the sensor is exposed to the test environment. The change of water pressure before and after the explosion moment is monitored. The pressure data is collected by a high-frequency acquisition instrument and restored to a pressure waveform to truly restore the explosion. Instantaneous pressure changes in the surrounding environment.

It is similar to the pressure detection of such explosion conditions. Generally, a high-frequency pressure sensor with a response bandwidth of 0-200KHz is selected. The rise time of the sensor is measured in microseconds, and the overall experiment is relatively short.

Pressure detection with frequent reciprocating changes.

For example, pressure detection of reciprocating pumps, pressure detection of hydraulic machines that are frequently pressurized and depressurized. Generally, the pressure change of air pressure is relatively fast, and the pressure change of liquid pressure is relatively slow. According to actual working conditions, a high-frequency pressure sensor with an appropriate bandwidth can be selected.

High-frequency pressure sensors are generally used for pressure detection of rapidly changing high-temperature media. The maximum measurement temperature is 200°C. Long-term pressure measurement, the response bandwidth is 1-2KHz.

The pressure sensor we commonly use has a measurement range of about 100MPa. But in the industrial production process. We may need to use higher pressure. Such as 300MPa, 600MPa. At this time, conventional pressure sensors are no longer applicable.

High Pressure Sensor adopts the unique integrated structural elastic element of high-precision foil strain gauge, which has stability and reliability. It can be used for the measurement of high pressure and ultra high pressure. It is especially suitable for measuring the pressure of hydraulic, pneumatic and other media. Even used in harsh environments such as sewage, steam, mild corrosive, gas measurement. Solve the various needs of customers.

There are four common pressure sensors:

  1. Strain pressure sensor
    A strain gauge pressure sensor is a sensor that measures pressure mainly by measuring the strain of an elastic element. According to different materials, strain elements are divided into metal and semiconductor. When conductive and semiconducting materials are mechanically deformed, their electrical resistance changes.
  2. Piezoresistive pressure sensor
    The piezoresistive pressure sensor is a sensor made of the piezoresistive effect of single crystal silicon material and integrated circuits. When the single crystal silicon material is subjected to force, the resistivity will change. At this time, through the measurement circuit, an electrical signal proportional to the force change will be output. Different from the adhesive strain gauge, the measured pressure is mainly felt through the silicon diaphragm.
  3. Capacitive pressure sensorCapacitive pressure sensors mainly use capacitance to convert the measured pressure into a pressure sensor with a changed capacitance value. The electrode of the capacitor is a circular metal film or a metal-plated film. When the film is deformed under pressure, the capacitance changes and an electrical signal is formed.
  4. Piezoelectric pressure sensor
    Piezoelectric pressure sensor adopts piezoelectric effect. It uses electrical components and other machinery to convert pressure into electricity. It is an instrument for related measurement work.

In general, a pressure sensor is mainly composed of three parts: a load cell sensor (also called a pressure sensor), a measurement circuit, and a process connection. It can convert the physical pressure parameters such as gas and liquid felt by the load cell sensor into a standard electrical signal (such as 4~20mADC, etc.). Measurement, indication and process adjustment are carried out by supplying secondary instruments such as indicating and alarming instruments, recorders, and regulators.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor, you can always contact us and we will be with you shortly.

More Featured Pressure Sensors

Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor. High-frequency pressure sensors are also called high-frequency dynamic pressure sensors, dynamic pressure sensors, and pulsating pressure sensors. Typically used for rapidly changing pressure measurements. For example, pressure detection at the moment of explosion, frequent reciprocating pressure detection, etc.

The high frequency pressure transmitter is a high frequency analog pressure transmitter. A piezoresistive pressure sensor with a stainless steel diaphragm in flush diaphragm construction as signal measuring element. The supporting dedicated high-frequency response signal processing circuit converts the signal of the measuring element into a standard current or voltage output signal. It is used in the measurement of dynamic pressure in engine test equipment and the measurement occasions with high response frequency such as explosion waves.

SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensors are widely used in various places such as petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, pumps and compressors, electric power, boilers, and natural gas.

Sino-Inst has provided pressure measurement solutions to customers for many years. Our pressure sensor, made in China. Widely exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Norway and other countries.

If you need Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensors, but have technical questions, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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    SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor - Sino-Inst

    High Frequency Pressure Sensor is also called high frequency dynamic pressure transmitter. The natural frequency of the sensor can reach 1-2MHz, and it can measure high-frequency pressure changes in the bandwidth range of 0-200KHz, and the pressure range is from -100KPa~0~10Kpa…100MPa. The SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor is a high-speed measurement readout response pressure sensing device. The preferred solution for dynamic pressure measurement.

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