SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor

SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor

High temperature pressure sensor is a kind of pressure sensor specially used for pressure measurement of high temperature medium.

Most pressure sensors can measure media at 85°C~125°C. High-temperature pressure sensors can measure high-temperature media up to 300°C, 500°C, 650°C, 800°C, and even 850°C. Such as steam, high temperature air, high temperature exhaust gas, high temperature liquid, high temperature oil, etc.

4-20mA, 0-5 / 1-5 / 0-10V and other output signals are optional. A 4-digit local digital display is also optional.

Features of High Temperature Pressure Sensor

  • 316L stainless steel isolation diaphragm structure, good corrosion resistance
  • High temperature chip
  • Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability
  • Direct contact with high-temperature media to improve pressure response frequency
  • Provide low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure rich pressure range
  • The sensor and pressure interface are all welded structures, and the enclosure protection level is IP65
  • Suitable for pressure measurement of high temperature, low temperature and normal temperature media.
  • Anti-shock, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion
  • Applicable medium temperature range is wide

SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor Specifications

Range:0~1KPa~10KPa~400KPa, -0.1 ~ 0 ~ 1 ~ 60 (MPa), 0 ~ 10KPa ~ 160MPa
Comprehensive accuracy:0.5% FS
Output signal:4-20mA (2-wire system), 0-5 / 1-5 / 0-10V (3-wire system), Other customized output signals.
Power supply voltage:24DCV (9 ~ 36DCV)
Medium temperature:-30 ℃~160℃~350 ℃, customized up to -200℃~850 ℃.
Ambient temperature:Normal temperature (-20 ~ 85 ℃)
Load resistance:Current output type: maximum 800Ω; voltage output type: greater than 50KΩ
Insulation resistance:Greater than 2000MΩ (100VDC)
Long-term stability:0.2% FS / year
Vibration effect:In the mechanical vibration frequency 20Hz ~ 1000Hz, the output change is less than 0.1% FS
Electrical interface:Hessman connector (customizable)
Thread connection:M20 × 1.5, etc. Other threads can be designed according to customer requirements
Dimensions:M20 × Φ26.5 × 156 or customized size
Shell protection:Plug type (IP65); cable type (IP67)
Safety explosion-proof:Ex iaⅡ CT5;  EX is IIC T6 Ga
SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor Dimensions
SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor Dimensions

Order Guide

SI-2088High Temperature Pressure Sensor
CodeOutput Signal
CodeProcess Connection
CodeElectrical connections
C1Hirschman joint
C2cable output
CodeAdditional functions
GGauge pressure (default)
AAbsolute pressure
SSealed gauge pressure
V1Power supply 24VDC
V5Power supply 12VDC
DDigital Display
CodeTemperature Range
XX ℃-30 ℃~160℃~350 ℃, customized up to -200℃~ 850 ℃.
SI-2088   (0-1)MPa B1 P1 C2  G D 800℃

Learn More About High Temperature Pressure Sensors

The cooling element shall be made of stainless steel, integrated on our pressure sensor body. This reduces the temperature near the pressure transmitter.
This method of measuring high-temperature media can effectively reduce the cost of high-temperature pressure transmitters.

Stainless Steel Cooling Element

When measuring the pressure of the steam pipeline, a high temperature pressure transmitter should be selected due to the high temperature environment.
First of all, when measuring steam pressure, the high-temperature pressure sensor should be installed in the upper half of the pipeline, and the lower half and the horizontal centerline of the pipeline form an included angle of 0º~45º.

In actual steam conditions, it can also pass through the surface bend (condenser pipe). Because the steam will condense into water at the bend after passing through the bend, which will insulate the temperature. So as to achieve a good cooling effect.

High pressure pressure sensor refers to a type of pressure sensor that can be measured in the process of high pressure measurement and control. Ordinary pressure sensors generally reach 100MPa, 140Mpa, 160Mpa. 200MPa and above high pressure conditions are relatively rare. Generally for special order.

The temperature and pressure integrated sensor combines the double-layer characteristics of the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor, which can measure both temperature and pressure. Its structural design is generally to add a temperature sensor probe under the pressure sensor. Therefore, the characteristics are different from ordinary pressure sensors. Also not like a normal temperature sensor.

Temperature and pressure integrated sensors generally have four-wire output, and the temperature signal and pressure signal are output separately. It’s designed this way for a reason. Because although users need temperature and pressure integrated sensors, but
This is for installation considerations, and the signals still need to be collected separately. This helps to analyze the signals separately.

The temperature-pressure integrated sensor greatly saves sensor materials, making the price of the temperature-pressure integrated sensor cheaper than the sum of the individual temperature sensor and pressure sensor.

The temperature and pressure integrated sensor greatly facilitates the use of customers, especially when it is necessary to measure the temperature and pressure of multiple places on the pipeline. If separate temperature sensors and pressure sensors are used, it will appear that the pipeline is covered with sensors, but the wiring is also particularly complicated. The temperature and pressure integrated sensor solves this problem very well.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our High Temperature Pressure Sensors, you can always contact us and we will be with you shortly.

More Featured Pressure Sensors

Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of High Temperature Pressure Sensors. We supply more than 15 types of High Temperature Pressure Sensors.

There are many types of pressure sensors, such as resistance strain gauge pressure sensors, semiconductor strain gauge pressure sensors, Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors, inductive pressure sensors, capacitive pressure sensors, resonant pressure sensors and capacitive sensors.

SI-2088 high temperature pressure sensor | 300°C-500°C-850°C, high temperature resistant pressure sensor is selected as the signal measuring element. The pressure of the measured medium is transmitted to the sensor through the heat dissipation structure on the transmitter. The high-precision signal processing circuit is located in the stainless steel housing, which converts the sensor output signal into a standard output signal. The entire product has passed strict testing and aging screening of components, semi-finished products and finished products, and its performance is stable and reliable.

SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensors are widely used in various high temperature places such as petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, pumps and compressors, electric power, boilers, and natural gas.

Sino-Inst has provided pressure measurement solutions to customers for many years. Our pressure sensor, made in China. Widely exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Norway and other countries.

If you need High Temperature Pressure Sensors, but have technical questions, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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    SI-2088 High Temperature Pressure Sensor|300℃-500℃-850℃

    High temperature pressure sensor is a kind of pressure sensor specially used for pressure measurement of high temperature medium.

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