Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter

Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter

Low Temperature turbine flowmeter is a dedicated liquid nitrogen flowmeter. It can also be used to measure cryogenic liquids such as liquid oxygen.

In industrial production, liquid nitrogen can be used as a deep refrigerant. The low-temperature turbine flowmeter is used as a liquid nitrogen flowmeter, which can work at a low temperature of -196°C (-320.8 °F). Liquid Nitrogen Flow Meter’s Turbine sensor structure at ultra-low temperature (-196℃) is made of special customized material. Realize the instantaneous and cumulative flow monitoring of liquid nitrogen.


  • The sensor is a fully enclosed structure, safe and reliable, and can be used for high-pressure pipeline measurement according to requirements;
  • The sensor material can be customized according to requirements, such as 304, 316 and pertetrafluoroethylene materials, which are suitable for various media, such as acids, alkalis and other highly corrosive liquids;
  • The sensor is a carbide bearing thrust type, which not only ensures accuracy but also improves wear resistance;
  • Wide measuring range and low lower flow rate;
  • Measurement accuracy 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 can be selected according to needs;
  • Our company’s caliber breaks through the norm and can be customized from 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm to super large diameter types;
  • Ultra-high pressure sensors adopt high-thickness sealed sensors and are equipped with high-pressure flanges or installation accessories;
  • The ultra-low temperature (-196°C) sensor structure uses specially customized imported materials and is equipped with a low-temperature resistant amplifier;
  • Various displays, battery-powered on-site display, external power display, and various signal outputs are all configured;
  • A variety of installation methods are available: thread, flange, quick installation, direct welding, etc.;
  • Can be used with flow totalizer to complete remote display;
  • It can be combined with control instruments and control systems to form automatic quantitative conveying and feeding equipment;

Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter:Common type (0.5~300) mm;
Anti-corrosion type (6~100) mm
Insertion type (80~600)mm
Medium temperature:Normal temperature range: -20~100℃
Sub-high temperature type: -20~130℃, high temperature type: -20~180℃
Sub-low temperature type: -40℃~normal temperature,
low temperature type: -196℃~normal temperature
Ambient temperature:-20~55 ℃;
Accuracy: ±0.2%, ±0.5%, ±1%;
Detector signal transmission line system: three-wire voltage pulse (three-core shielded cable);
Power supply: preamplifier 24VDC (LWF-02, draggable PLC), 30VDC
(LWF-11 current pulse preamplifier), 5VDC (LWF-01, draggable TTL), LWGY/TBS type
converter 24VDC ±10% or battery powered
Transmission distance: The distance between the sensor and the indicator can reach 250 meters;
On-site display power supply: 3V (powered by lithium battery, can be used continuously for 3 years);
Output voltage amplitude: high level ≥ 8V, low level ≤ 0.8V;
Display mode: on-site LCD display instantaneous flow and accumulated flow;
On-site display power supply with signal output: 24V; 4-20mA two-wire current output, remote transmission distance of 500 meters.

Flow Range:

Flow RangeNominal pressure
Maximum pressure loss(Mpa)
Basic error limitBasic error limitBasic error limit
Lower limitUpper limitLower limitUpper limitLower limitUpper limit
0.50.0040.0121.6 or 40.15
404203202.5254 or 10
6512606606601.6 or 2.5
200120600100600808001.6 or 2.5 or 4

Note 1: There is no 35MPa for diameter 32mm
Note 2: “*” is a special order.

The nominal diameter is 0.5mm, the flow range is 0.02~0.06 m³/h, the basic error: ±1% of reading, when ≤0.02 m³/h, the basic error: ±1%FS. The flow range with a nominal diameter of 1mm is 0.03~0.100 m³/h, the basic error: ±1% of reading, when ≤0.03 m³/h, the basic error: ±1%FS.

When the nominal diameter is 2mm and the flow range is 0.040~0.13m3/h, the basic error: ±1% of reading; when ≤0.040m3/h, the basic error: ±1%FS (full-scale value).

When the nominal diameter is 3mm and the flow range is 0.085~0.250m3/h, the basic error: ±1% of reading; ≤0.085m3/h basic error: ±1%FS (full-scale value).

The flow range shown in the table is a conventional value. If necessary, it can be appropriately extended according to user requirements. The minimum flow rate can be extended to about 0.3m/s, and some specifications can be lower. The accuracy in the extended area is based on the full-scale value. The relative error is expressed.

  • Measuring medium: liquid (avoid multiphase flow)
  • Medium viscosity range: ≤5mPɑ·S
  • Calibration: Calibration with water before leaving the factory


  • The medium in cold chain transportation can be measured with a cryogenic liquid turbine flowmeter;
  • Carry out low-temperature physics research;
  • Used for low-temperature experimental science such as aviation/aerospace/cooling tanks/cryogenic storage tanks;

More Featured Cryogenic Measurement

Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of liquid gases, usually in low temperature environments, and can even be used in -200°C environments. For example, during the transportation of food, medicine, and chemicals.

The Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter has high accuracy and reliability, can measure very small flow rates, and is suitable for situations where high-precision measurement is required. In addition, the Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter also has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.

In addition to Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter, we at Sino-Inst also supply various high temperature and low temperature media measuring instruments. If you need to purchase or have related technical questions, please feel free to contact us.

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    Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter| -196℃~80℃ Liquids

    Low Temperature Turbine Flowmeter for -196℃~80℃ Liquids. Commonly used for flow measurement of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, etc. 4-20mA signal output.

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