Industrial Water Pressure Measurement and Monitoring

Industrial Water Pressure Measurement and Monitoring

Water pressure measurement includes pressure detection of water pipes, water containers or equipment. Water pressure measurements can be used to determine whether a pipe, container or equipment is leaking and whether it can withstand the pressure required for the design. By configuring a water pressure transmitter, connecting the water pressure signal to a recorder, PLC and other systems, or configuring a wireless signal, you can build a remote water pressure monitoring system.

Simply put, measuring water pressure mainly has the following three major functions:

Methods of water pressure Measurement

  1. Direct type: The measured liquid or gas is directly introduced into the sensor cavity or enters the sensor cavity through a pipeline.
  2. Indirect type: The fluid to be measured is introduced into the measuring tube outside the sensor through the conduit.
  3. Submersible type: fill the entire container with the liquid or gas to be measured. The pressure sensor is immersed in water.
  4. Isolated type: using isolation diaphragm. The pressure sensor does not come into contact with the medium being measured.
  5. Sealed type: The leakage of the liquid being measured is small.
Industrial Water Pressure Measurement

Water pressure monitoring applications

1. Industrial water treatment equipment

Medical water treatment equipment; electronic chemical ultrapure water treatment equipment; power plant unit cooling water treatment equipment; metallurgy, brewing, dairy and other water treatment equipment; water reuse, sewage treatment (domestic sewage, industrial sewage, food sewage, etc.), buildings Water supply and other engineering projects.

2. Drinking water treatment equipment (preferring pure water equipment)

Pure water equipment; mineral water equipment; fully automatic bottle (bucket) filling equipment (mechanical equipment); air shower and laboratory equipment. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment, boiler softened water equipment, high-purity water equipment for the electronics industry, hemodialysis water equipment, commercial reverse osmosis equipment, industrial reverse osmosis equipment, and water purification equipment.

3. Water supply equipment, complete sets of water supply (water supply) equipment:

a) Non-negative pressure variable frequency water supply equipment, non-negative pressure water supply equipment, variable frequency tower-less water supply equipment, automatic non-negative pressure water supply equipment, superimposed variable frequency water supply equipment, tap water supply equipment, secondary pressurized water supply equipment, non-negative pressure (overlapping pressure) water supply equipment, complete sets of air pressure water supply equipment, etc.;

b) Constant-pressure and variable-frequency water supply equipment: constant-pressure water supply equipment, variable-frequency constant-pressure water supply equipment, complete sets of fire-fighting constant-pressure water supply equipment, and industrial constant-pressure water supply equipment.

4. Auxiliary equipment for water treatment (pumps, cooling towers, tanks, etc.)

Water tank: stainless steel spherical water tank, complete set of water tank without negative pressure, fiberglass composite water tank, stainless steel water storage tank, thermal insulation water tank;

Pump: water pressure measurement and control of water pumps and water pipes, pressure measurement of mining water pumps. Install a pressure sensor at the outlet of the pump to detect pressure. Steam pump, suitable for medium and low pressure boiler water supply;

Towers and tanks: Commonly used ones have the word pressure in front of towers and tanks, and the pressure needs to be measured. The rest are used to measure the liquid level and water level in the tank. (The article “Tank Level Measurement with Pressure Transmitters” has a detailed introduction).

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Water Pressure Measurement and Monitoring is essential in industrial practice. Water pressure sensors are widely used in various industrial dynamic environments, water conservancy and hydropower projects, transportation and construction equipment, production automatic control systems, aerospace technology, ship technology, transportation pipelines and other fields.

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