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SI-3208 Insertion Type Turbine Fow Meter

SI- 3208 Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meters are designed for accurate, cost-effective mass flow measurement of steam, high-temperature liquids and gases, including steam, and can be installed without line shutdown. Insertion turbine flow meters are ideal for use in larger steam lines, where downsizing the line size to improve flow measurement is not desirable. RFQ … Read more

SI-3207 Small Diameter Turbine Flow Meter-3/8″

The SI-3207 small Diameter (small flow) liquid turbine flow meter,is a precision flow measuring instrument,that can be used to measure the flow and total volume of liquids. The structure is explosion-proof and can show the total flow, instantaneous flow and percentage of flow fullness.It is widely used in measurement and control systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, … Read more

SI-3205 Threaded Connection Turbine Flow Meter

SI-3205 Threaded Connection Turbine Flow Meter is a kind of precision measuring instrument. Equipped with sanitary flow meter joints, are mostly used in the pharmaceutical field. It adopts advanced micro-processing technology,and has the characteristics of strong function, wide flow range, simple operation and convenient installation and use. Threaded connections are available in BSP and NPT … Read more

SI-3204 Flange Type Turbine FLow Meter

Turbine flowmeters are available in a variety of mounting styles including threads, flanges, and tri clamps.  Among them, the flange turbine flowmeter is the most common. The SI-3204 flange type turbine flowmeter:simple installation, convenient disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. RFQ NOW Diameter DN15-DN200 Accuracy Class 1.0, class 0.5 Temp. range -20~+150℃ Flange standard … Read more

SI-3203 Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Sanitary turbine flow meter, also called tri clamp turbine flow meter. Made of 316ss or 304ss to meet the food grade. With pulse output, 4-20mA output, LCD display, Sanitary flow meter can show the flow rate. SI-3203 Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter is a flow meter applied in industries: pharmaceutical, food, beverage for measurement, batching, control, filling, … Read more