Checklist: Vortex Flow Meter Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vortex flowmeters? Understanding Vortex Flow Meter Advantages and Disadvantages can help us better choose the right flow meter. The vortex flowmeter is a volume flowmeter based on the Karman vortex principle to measure the volume flow of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow under standard conditions, or … Read more

Application of Electromagnetic Flowmeter in Paper Mill Slurry Wastewater Treatment System

The development of the Paper Mill industry has always been limited by raw materials. With the strengthening of environmental protection requirements and the protection of forest trees, the proportion of wood pulp in raw materials is getting smaller and smaller. The main raw material for pulping in papermaking enterprises is waste paper pulp. Modern paper … Read more

SI-3051T Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter | Smart Capacitive

SI-3051T Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter is a capacitive pressure sensor. It is mainly used to measure parameters such as pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure of gases, liquids and steam, and then convert them into 4~20mA.DC signal output. SI-3051T Direct Mount Pressure Transmitter is divided into two specifications: ordinary analog type and standard intelligent type … Read more

SI-2088 Industrial Pressure Transmitter | Diffusion Silicon

SI-2088 industrial pressure transmitter consists of a diffused silicon sensor and a signal module. It uses the piezoresistive effect of semiconductor silicon material to realize the conversion of pressure and electrical signals. The measured pressure acts on the stainless steel diaphragm, and is transmitted to the sensitive element through the silicone oil between the diaphragm … Read more

SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor

High Frequency Pressure Sensor is also called high frequency dynamic pressure transmitter. The natural frequency of the sensor can reach 1-2MHz, and it can measure high-frequency pressure changes in the bandwidth range of 0-200KHz, and the pressure range is from -100KPa~0~10Kpa…100MPa. The SI-90 Dynamic-High Frequency Pressure Sensor is a high-speed measurement readout response pressure sensing … Read more

Oval Gear Flow Meters with Better Price |Advantages and Disadvantages

Oval Gear Flow Meters, also known as positive displacement flow meter, is a commonly used positive displacement flow meter. It is a class with higher precision in flow meters. Oval Gear Flow Meters are used for precise continuous or intermittent measurement of the flow or instantaneous flow of liquid in the pipeline. It is especially … Read more

Brewery Flow Meters for Beer and Wine | Electromagnetic and More

Brewery flow meters are specialized devices that are used to measure the flow rate of liquids, such as beer and wine, in a brewery or winery setting. These devices can be used to monitor the production process, ensure quality control, and optimize the use of resources. There are a variety of different types of brewery … Read more

SI-703 Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

Diaphragm pressure sensor is also called Diaphragm pressure transmitter, or Flat membrane pressure transmitter.SI-703 Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Strain-type flat membrane type measuring end adopts special treatment and strong flush diaphragm. Hard particles in the measured medium will not damage the isolated flush diaphragm. Diaphragm Pressure Sensor is suitable for pressure measurement of highly viscous or … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Mass Flow Meter and Magnetic Flow Meter?

Mass Flow Meter and Magnetic Flow Meter are our commonly used flow meters. What Is the Difference Between Mass Flow Meter and Magnetic Flow Meter? When it comes to measuring the flow of liquids, there are several options available. Two of the most common types of flow meters are mass flow meters and magnetic flow … Read more

SI-1318 Clamp Connection Sanitary Pressure Sensor

Sanitary Pressure Sensor is a type of pressure sensing device that is specifically designed for use in sanitary environments. Such as food processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. SI-1318 Clamp Connection Sanitary Pressure Sensor is equipped with a clamp connection, which allows for easy installation and maintenance without the need to disassemble the entire … Read more