Steam Flow Measurement

Steam flow measurement and steam flow meters selection comparison. Steam is the most widely used heat carrier fluid. It is an important secondary energy source. The measurement of steam flow can effectively save energy and improve economic benefits. According to the working principle, the steam flow measurement method can be divided into two categories: direct … Read more

Insertion type flow meters

Measuring flow in large pipes with insertion type flow meters. If you need to measure the fluid flow of a larger pipe diameter, you are most likely to choose an insertion type flow meter. But what insertion type flow meter should you use? The market has insertion electromagnetic flowmeter, insertion vortex flowmeter, insertion ultrasonic flowmeter, … Read more

Orifice Plate Installation Guidelines

Orifice plate flowmeter installation requirements and precautions Orifice plate is a standard throttling device with the most specifications. It is the simplest and most adaptable product among throttling devices. It is widely used in various fluids, especially gas flow measurement. CONTACT US What’s an orifice plate? The orifice plate only refers to the key part … Read more

Installation Instructions for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Correct installation of Magnetic flowmeter can ensure accurate flow rate measurement. CONTACT US Are you ready to install an electromagnetic flowmeter? Then this electromagnetic flowmeter installation instructions are exactly what you need. The magnetic flowmeter installation instructions here apply to magnetic flowmeters supplied by Sino-Inst. Made in China. If you have any questions about the … Read more

Water Flow Measurement Solution-Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic water flow meter is an ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring various water flow rates. CONTACT US Ultrasonic flow meters are based on the speed at which ultrasonic waves are transmitted by a flowing medium. A flowmeter developed by the sum of the average velocity of the measured medium. And the vector of sound waves moving … Read more

Flowmeter Calibration & Recalibration

Flowmeter Calibration & Recalibration is important for manufacturing process. Flow meters are used in many industries to measure and control the movement of gases or liquids. CONTACT US Flowmeter Calibration & Recalibration are performed in accordance with various flowmeter verification procedures. For current flowmeters, the standard throttling device does not need to be tested. The … Read more

Slurry & Sludge Flow Measurement

Best Flow meters for Slurry & Sludge flow measurement Solutions. CONTACT US The slurry flow meter is mainly used to measure the volume flow of sludge and mud in pipelines. Such as cement slurry, mud, paper pulp, various acids, alkalis, salt solutions, food pulp and so on. The most commonly used slurry flowmeter is an … Read more

High-Pressure Flow Meters

High Pressure Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement Solutions. CONTACT US Are you looking for flow meters for fluids under high pressures? Such as in hydarulic testing. Sino-Inst offers idel solutions for challenging high-pressure processes. High pressure water, high pressure air, in chemical injection systems, and so many other applications. Sino-Inst offers high pressure flow meters … Read more

Cooling Water Flow Measurement

Flow Meters for water for cooling, spraying, seals, mixing, deburring, and washing. CONTACT US The cooling water flow meter is used to measure the cooling water flow rate. Cooling water flow meters are commonly used in cooling water towers, circulation systems, pipes, tanks, and pumps. Cooling water flow meters are important for industries like: Power … Read more

Industrial Nitrogen Flow Meters

Industrial Nitrogen Flow Measurement Solutions CONTACT US A nitrogen flow meter is an industrial digital flow meter that measures the flow rate of nitrogen. In general, nitrogen (N2) can flow in a gaseous, liquid form. So, what we are discussing here is the flow measurement of industrial gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen flow meter … Read more