Industrial Smart Pressure Transmitters 4-20mA, HART, RS485 Modbus

Industrial smart pressure transmitters are microprocessor-based high-performance transmitters. With flexible pressure calibration function. Instrument equipment commonly used in industrial process control can convert fluid or gas pressure into standard analog signals (such as 4-20mA) or digital signals (HART, RS485) and output them to the control system. What is a smart pressure transmitter? Smart pressure transmitter … Read more

Top Explosion Proof Flow Meters for Explosive or Hazardous Areas

Flowmeters are divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof types according to their electrical structure. Explosion Proof Flow Meters are mainly used in flammable, explosive, toxic or other hazardous environments. In these situations, the equipment may be exposed to flammable gases, steam, dust, etc., so it needs to be explosion-proof to ensure safe and reliable operation. We … Read more

What Is Temperature Compensation and Pressure Compensation for Flow Meters?

The principle of temperature compensation and pressure compensation of the flow meter is based on the changes in physical parameters such as density and viscosity of the fluid at different temperatures and pressures, which affects the measurement accuracy of the flow meter. In order to eliminate this effect, temperature and pressure compensation is required. When … Read more

Melt Pressure Transducers

Melt pressure transducer is mainly used for pressure measurement and control of molten materials under high temperature conditions. Melt pressure sensors are widely used in high-temperature fluid media such as chemical fiber plastics, spinning, polyester, plastics, rubber, extrusion equipment, etc. Our Sino-Inst Melt pressure transducers support customization. Including pressure range: 0 ~ 300MPa, probe temperature … Read more

Differences Between Thermocouples: Type S, K, N, J, E, T

Thermocouples have the advantages of simple structure, wide measurement range, and easy processing of output signals. Therefore, thermocouples have become our preferred sensor for temperature measurement. The graduation numbers of thermocouples mainly include S, R, B, N, K, E, J, T, etc. Among them, S, R, and B belong to precious metal thermocouples, and N, … Read more

T Type Thermocouple | Copper-Copper Nickel | Copper-Constantan Thermocouple -270℃~-200℃~350℃.

T type thermocouple is also called copper-constantan thermocouple. Graduation number T. Measuring range -200~+350℃. T type thermocouple is also the best thermocouple for measuring low temperature and cheap metals. Its positive terminal (TP) is pure copper. The negative electrode (TN) is a copper-nickel alloy called constantan. The measurement temperature range of T type thermocouple is … Read more

Application Case: Mass Flow Meter Measures Lime Slurry Flow and Density

A power plant uses lime slurry as a desulfurizer. Gypsum or calcium sulfate is formed by reacting with sulfur dioxide in the flue gas. Thus, the purification and emission control of harmful gases in exhaust gas can be achieved. Measuring the density (concentration) of lime slurry is to ensure that the appropriate amount of desulfurizer … Read more

Guide: Types of Mass Flow Meters

There are 2 common Types of Mass Flow Meters: Coriolis command flow meter and thermal mass flow meter. Mass Flow Meters accurately measure the mass flow of liquids or gases within pipes. A mass flow meter is more accurate than a traditional volumetric flow meter because it is not affected by factors such as temperature, … Read more

Fluid Flow Sensor | Types and Product List

Fluid Flow Sensor refers to a type of instrument used to measure the flow rate or quantity of moving gases, steam, liquids or solids. Therefore, in terms of medium classification, we can divide Fluid Flow Sensor into 4 major categories. Used to measure and monitor the flow of gases, steam, liquids or solids respectively. Below … Read more

What Is Variable Area Flow Meter?

A Variable Area Flow Meter is a flow meter that can measure the volumetric flow of liquid, gas or steam. It is a type of differential pressure flowmeter. Also called a rotameter. Within the Variable Area Flow Meter, gas or liquid moves the float until equilibrium is reached. The user can read the gas or … Read more