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Flow Meters for Domestic Water-Potable Water-Drinking Water

Reliable Flow Measurement Solution for water treatment. CONTACT US Potable water flow meter also called Drinking water. Potable water flow meters are important for Domestic industries. Accurate flow measurement is essential to cost-conscious drinking water and potable water system. From water storage, transmission lines to raw water, water treatment and more. Reducing costs and improving … Read more

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Technology

More Ultrsonic Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Ultrasonic flow meters are non-intrusive type liquid flow meters. Ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow by detecting the effect of fluid flow on an ultrasonic beam (or ultrasonic pulse). There are two types of ultrasonic flow meter technologies: Doppler shift and transit-time. Ultrasonic flowmeters measure … Read more

Differential Pressure Flow Meter Technology

Show More DP Flow Meters Best Technology Guide to Differential Pressure Flow Meters Differential Pressure Flow Meters also called DP flow meters. Differential pressure flow meters consist of flow sensors and pressure/differential transmitters. DP Flow Meters measure the flow rate based on the differential pressure measured by the flow sensor parts. Flow sensors are the … Read more