SI-3206 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter

The SI-3206 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter series of turbine flow meters is ideal,
when measuring the flow of fluids under high pressure, such as in hydraulic testing.
It is also perfect for chemical injection systems,
as it withstands pressures up to 20,000 psi and is available in a variety of flow ranges (0.08 to 32 gallons/minute).



0.5% to 2.0% of reading

Temp. range



40 MPa

Flow rate


Straight pipe required

Up stream≥5DN, down stream≥3DN

  • Low cost.
  • Outstanding accuracy.
  • Provides wide flow ranges (10:1 to 100:1 turndown ranges available).
  • One piece 316/316L S/S Construction for most pressures.
  • For use with unique Hoffer high pressure 316/316L or carbon steel mating flange kits, supplied complete with SAE J429 Grade 8 high yield strength bolts and “O” rings.
  • Operate over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Sizes DN15 through DN300. Pressure ratings up to 40MPa.
  • Larger sizes and pressures available upon request. Contact factory.

SI-3206 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter

Nominal diameter(mm)

Pipeline type:DN15~DN300

Insertion type:DN300~DN2000

Accuracy grade

Pipeline type:±0.5%, ±1.0%

Insertion type:±1.5%, ±2.5%

Environment temperature


Medium temperature

Liquid: -20~+120℃

Gas: -20~+80℃

Air pressure


Nominal pressure

1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 6.4MPa, 25MPa, 40MPa

Explosive-proof grade


Connection type

Thread, clamp, flange, insert


(1) Pulse output, p-p value ensure by power supply

(2) 4~20mA two wire current output

(3) Unit volume pulse and sensor original pulse output

Power supply

24VDC or 3.6V Battery

In addition to regular products, we support customization

DiameterDNXX       DN15~DN300mm
Converter TypeN1      24VDC,Pulse output,No display
N2      24VDC,Pulse output,No display,EX
A      24VDC,4-20mA output,No display,EX
E1      Battery power supply,No output,Digital display,EX
E2      24VDC,Pulse and 4-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
E2+B      24VDC+battery power supply,Pulse and 4-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
E3      24VDC,Pulse and 0-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
E3+B      24VDC+battery power supply,Pulse and 0-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
E+H      24VDC,4-20mA output,HART,Digital display,EX
G5      220VAC,Pulse and 4-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
G6      220VAC,Pulse and 0-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX
Accuracy10     ±1.0%R
5     ±0.5%R
Flow RangeS    Standard Range
E    Extended Range
Body MaterialS4   SS304
S6   SS316
Explosion-Proof BT  Exd II BT6
 NA  None
ConnectionTHM External thread,Apply to DN4~DN50mm
THF Internal thread,Apply to DN4~DN50mm
WAF Flange clamp
DXX D16:DIN PN16 Flange;D25:DIN PN25 Flange
AXX A15:ANSI 150# Flange;A30:ANSI 300# Flange
JXX J10:JIS 10K Flange;J20:JIS 20K Flange

SI-3206  DN50  E2  10   S  S4  BT  D16  T2

①   ②  ③  ④  ⑤  ⑥  ⑦  

① Diameter:DN50

② E2:24VDC,Pulse and 4-20mA output,RS485,Digital display,EX

③ 10:1.0% of rate accuracy

④ S:Standard range 4-40m³/h

⑤ S4:SS304 Body Material

⑥ BT:Exd II BT6

⑦ D16:Flange DIN PN16

⑧ T2:-20~+120

High pressure type liquid turbine flowmeter is a special high pressure flowmeter,
which is designed for high pressure fluid industry,
such as hydraulic equipment, engineering machinery, chemical industry, etc.
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