SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor -for Printing and Dyeing Machine-Water Level.

SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor adopts stainless steel structure and has a waterproof and breathable design. It uses a high-stability and high-reliability silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as a signal measurement element, and has been tested for wide temperature range performance through automatic testing and laser resistance adjustment technology. compensate. Widely used in process control, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and hydrology and other industries.

Features of SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

  • High precision, stainless steel structure, various pressure ports, protection class IP65
  • Reverse polarity protection and instantaneous overcurrent overvoltage protection
  • Wide measuring range, can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure
  • Zero and full scale adjustable
  • Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor Specifications

Measuring medium:Various liquids, gases and vapors compatible with 304, 316L stainless steel
Range:-100kPa~0~2kPa…2MPa (gauge pressure);
0~20kPa…7MPa (absolute pressure)
overload:1.5 times full scale pressure
Pressure type:Gauge or absolute or sealed gauge
Accuracy:±0.25%FS; ±0.5%FS
Long-term stability:±0.1%FS/year; ±0.2%FS/year
Zero temperature coefficient:±0.03%FS/°C (reference 25°C)
Full scale temperature coefficient:±0.03%FS/°C (reference 25°C)
Compensation temperature:0~70°C (≤35kPa); -10~80°C (>35kPa)
Operating temperature:-30~85℃
Storage temperature:-40~120℃
Power supply:24VDC (10~30V)
Output signal:4~20mADC
Output method:Two-wire system
Load Resistance:≤(U-10)/0.02Ω
Insulation resistance:100MΩ, 500VDC
Shell protection:IP65
Vibration:20g (20~5000Hz)
Electrical connections:φ6.0mm special shielded cable 1.5 meters

Structure Material:
Shell: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 316L
Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L, etc.
O-ring: Nitrile or Viton

Order Guide

SI-126 Pressure Sensor
Code Measure Range
(0~X)KPa -100kPa~0~2kPa…2MPa (gauge pressure); 0~20kPa…7MPa (absolute pressure)
Code Output Signal
B1 4-20mA
Code Thread Size
P1 M20*1.5
P4 G1/2
Code Electrical connections
C2 cable output
Code Structure Material
Diaphragm Interface Shell
M1 316L 316L Stainless steel
M2 316L 316L 316L
M3 Tantalum Hastelloy 316L
M4 Titanium Titanium 316L
Code Additional functions
G Gauge pressure (default)
A absolute pressure
S Sealed gauge pressure
v Viton O-ring
j Nitrile O-ring
Example:SI-126 (0~10)kPa B1 P4 C2 M1 Gv

When selecting a model, please note that the measured medium should be compatible with the part of the product that is in contact with the medium.Cable wires are available in Nitrile and Polyethylene. Nitrile has good versatility, oil resistance and wear resistance; polyethylene has good toughness and excellent electrical insulation and stability. Unless otherwise specified, it is shipped as a nitrile cable.The standard cable length is 1.5 meters.

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor to Measure the Liquid Level

Pressure transmitters are currently widely used in papermaking, steel, chemical, sewage treatment, heat, electricity, tap water, food and other industries. In addition to measuring the pressure of the medium, the pressure transmitter can also be used for other purposes, such as using the gravity of the liquid to measure the liquid level.

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor is used to measure the pressure of pipeline or tank medium. It can also be used to measure liquid level.

Please note that the Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor can measure the liquid level of open containers. Airtight pressurized containers will not work.

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor to Measure the Liquid Level​ 1

As shown above.
The first is to mount the SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor above the tank. Make sure the sensor is 15cm above the liquid level.
The second is to install the SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor at the bottom of the tank. Install the upper needle shut-off valve.

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor Liquid Level Measurement Principle

Measuring principle with Hydrostatic pressure:

In a static liquid: The static pressure at a point in the liquid is proportional to the distance from that point to the liquid surface. Namely: P=ρgh.

P-the pressure (pressure) of the measured point,
ρ-medium density,
g-acceleration of gravity,
h – the height from the measured point to the liquid surface.

Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor. We supply more than 50 types of pressure sensors.

Pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice, and it is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments. It involves water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, production automation, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil well, electric power, ship, machine tool, pipeline and many other industries.

Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor all stainless steel design. Waterproof and breathable design, can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure.

Sino-Inst has provided pressure measurement solutions to customers for many years. Has a rich set of pressure measurements for static pressure. Our pressure sensor, made in China. Widely exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Norway and other countries.

If you need Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor, but have technical questions, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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    SI-126 Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor -for Printing and Dyeing Machine-Water Level

    Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor -for Printing and Dyeing Machine-Water Level.

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