Liquid Nitrogen Pressure Measurement – Pipeline and Tank

Liquid Nitrogen Pressure Measurement - Pipeline and Tank

Measuring the liquid nitrogen pressure and temperature places high demands on the sensor. The temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach as low as -196°C, which requires the temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, and flow meter to work normally at -198°C.

Sino-Inst’s low-temperature pressure transmitters can effectively meet the pressure measurement of liquid nitrogen pipelines and liquid nitrogen tanks. The pressure of other cryogenic fluids can be measured. For example, liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid helium, and other low-temperature fluids. Minimum -210℃.

Featured Pressure Transmitters for Liquid Nitrogen Pressure Measurement

Cryogenic Pressure Transducer for -210°C/-350°F Liquids | Model CPT-20SD1

SI-2088 High Temperature and Low Temperature Pressure Sensor

SI-804DP Small Differential Pressure Sensor

Liquid nitrogen application industries

Liquid nitrogen is widely used in many industrial fields. It mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Chemical and petroleum industries: Liquid nitrogen is often used to provide a low-temperature environment for freezing and preserving chemicals. At the same time, it is also used in some chemical reaction processes as a means of temperature control.
  • Electronics Manufacturing: In the manufacturing process of semiconductors and other electronic components, liquid nitrogen is used to provide a dust-free, temperature-controlled environment to ensure product quality.
  • Food processing: In the food industry, liquid nitrogen is used to quickly freeze food, maintaining its freshness and taste. At the same time, it is also used in the food packaging process to eliminate oxygen and extend the shelf life of food.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical: In the medical field, liquid nitrogen is often used for cryopreservation of tissue samples. In the pharmaceutical industry, liquid nitrogen is used during the production of certain drugs to maintain the stability of active ingredients.
  • Metal processing: Liquid nitrogen is used in metal processing for cooling and heat treatment of materials, which can improve the physical properties of the metal.

During the transportation, storage and use of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen pressure measurement can ensure the safety of the storage container. Flow measurement is used to control the supply of liquid nitrogen to ensure accuracy and efficiency in industrial processes. We at Sino-Inst also supply flow meters for the flow measurement of cryogenic fluids.

Featured Cryogenic Fluids Flow Meters

More technical support:

In addition to liquid nitrogen, cryogenic fluids such as liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and liquid helium also have important applications in many fields. For example, liquid hydrogen, as an efficient energy source, is used as rocket fuel in the aerospace field.

For pressure and flow measurement of these cryogenic fluids, it is crucial. These measurements are not only related to the safety of storage and transportation, but also directly affect usage efficiency and cost control. Therefore, applications with liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and liquid helium also require the use of specially designed measuring equipment to ensure precise and safe operation.

In addition to supplying Liquid Nitrogen Pressure sensors, Sino-Inst also supplies cryogenic flow meters, thermometers, etc. If you need to purchase Liquid Nitrogen Pressure transmitter, or have related questions, please contact our sales engineers!

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