Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter for Sludge Blanket Level Detection

Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter for Sludge Blanket Level Detection

The ultrasonic sludge level meter, also called the sludge interface meter, is an online sludge level meter with a microprocessor. The entire measurement system mainly consists of Monitor and Level Detector.

Ultrasonic sludge interface meter/sludge level meter is widely used in sludge interface measurement in sedimentation tanks, secondary sedimentation tanks, and sludge concentration tanks of sewage treatment; mud level measurement in sedimentation tanks in water plants, water supply plants (sedimentation tanks), and sand washing Mud level measurement in plants (sedimentation tanks) and electric power plants (mortar sedimentation tanks).


  • Fully intelligent, multi-functional, high measurement performance and strong environmental adaptability;
  • Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneously, including mud level value, output current, time, and relay status;
  • Two 4-20mA outputs, relay high and low alarm control outputs, cleaning output, RS485 communication output and other variable outputs; RS232 upload function;
  • Cleaning and maintenance are very simple;
  • Self-set password: Users can set or modify their own password. To prevent unauthorized persons from entering and causing misoperation;
  • Data logging function can store 110,000 pieces of data, and the storage interval can be set.

Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter Technical Parameters

Measuring range:Mud level: 0.2~12m; temperature: 0~50.0℃;
Temperature compensation:automatic or manual compensation;
Resolution:Mud level: 0.01m; temperature: 0.1℃;
Basic error:Mud level: ±1%F.S; Temperature: ±0.5℃;
Flow rate requirements:≤3m/S;
2 current outputs:0~20mA, 4~20mA (load resistance <750Ω);
Communication output:RS485 MODBUS RTU;
Three sets of relay control contacts:3A 240VAC, 3A 28VDC or 120VAC;
Power supply (optional):85~265VAC±10%, 50±1Hz, power ≤3W; 9~36VDC, power: ≤3W;
Instrument dimensions:144×144×118mm;
Instrument installation method:Panel-mounted, wall-mounted, pipe-mounted;
Installation opening size:138×138mm;
Protection level:IP65;
Instrument weight:0.8kg;
Instrument working environment:
Ambient temperature:-10~60℃;
Relative humidity:Not more than 90%;
There is no strong magnetic field interference around except the earth’s magnetic field.
Sensor technical parameters:
Shell material:316 stainless steel;
Connecting cables:4-core waterproof cable;
Installation method:immersion;
Process connection:NPT3/4;
Medium pressure:≤0.3bar;
Signal cable:Standard 10 meters;
Protection level:IP68;
Operating temperature:0~50℃.

Sludge Blanket Level detection principle

Ultrasonic mud-water interface measurement uses an ultrasonic sensor installed in the water to emit a beam of ultrasonic pulses to the underwater mud surface. This pulse signal is reflected back when it encounters the muddy water surface, and can be received by the sensor again.

The time from when an ultrasonic wave is transmitted to when it is received again is proportional to the distance from the sensor to the surface of the object being measured. The meter detects this time and the speed of sound underwater based on the current temperature (measured by the sensor). Calculate the distance from the surface of the measured object to the sensor (ie, the spatial distance). Then further convert the liquid level value.

The empty underwater distance W on the liquid level surface is proportional to the travel time T of the sound wave: W=V×T/2 (where V is the speed of the sound wave in water).

The user sets the height H from the probe to the bottom of the pool, and the instrument automatically converts the pulse travel time T into the corresponding spatial distance value W, and then calculates the difference between H minus W, which is the measured value L.

Sludge Blanket Level detection principle

Why measure sludge level?

In the process of industrial wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation, and water quality monitoring in rivers, sludge will be a by-product.

The sludge level is the interface between settled sludge and the turbid or clear water phase above. Sludge level can be given as the distance from the water surface (sludge level depth) or the distance from the bottom of the pool (sludge level height).

Effective sludge level measurement can optimize sludge extraction, treatment and disposal. Sludge overflow can be avoided by setting an alarm (relay output, etc.) for the sludge level meter. Better control and manage the entire sewage treatment process and improve the operational efficiency of the treatment plant.

Of course, in sewage treatment plants and other industrial water treatment processes, liquid level measurement and sludge level monitoring are equally important. You can check out our ultrasonic level meters for more information.

Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter application 1

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The Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter is designed for continuous online monitoring of the sludge interface in wastewater treatment processes. The reliable ultrasonic echo detection principle is used to detect the distance between the sensor probe and the sludge interface and the distance from the bottom surface. It realizes real-time monitoring of sludge thickness changes and control of related process processes. Thus, sludge discharge control and dosing control are optimized to prevent Deterioration of effluent. Avoid denitrification and decomposition of sludge and optimize process control flow.

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    Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter-Sludge Blanket Level Detection

    The ultrasonic sludge level meter, also called the sludge interface meter, is an online sludge level meter with a microprocessor. The entire measurement system mainly consists of Monitor and Level Detector.

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