Ultrasonic Level Transmitter For Level-Level Difference Measure

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter For Level-Level Difference Measure

The split Ultrasonic level transmitter can be used for level measurement when configured with a sensor. When two sensors are configured, the level difference, sensor 1 liquid level/distance value and sensor 2 liquid level/distance value can be directly displayed. Built-in temperature compensation.

The standard configuration comes with one 4-20mA analog output, and optional two 4-20mA analog outputs and communication interface RS485. Easy to connect with other DCS and PLC systems to achieve industrial remote monitoring and control.


  • Exclusively adopts physically fully enclosed probe: the one-piece cast seamless probe is not afraid of water intrusion and has a service life 1-2 years longer than that of ordinary probes;
  • Unique probe design: IP65 protection level (IP68 can be customized);
  • Advanced echo tracking algorithm: can effectively capture real echoes in noisy electrical and acoustic noise;
  • Multiple compensation modes: built-in temperature compensation, with temperature prompt, sound speed correction mode;
  • Flexible measurement mode: two measurement modes, level and distance, can flexibly set the reference position;
  • Programmable relay output: 2 relay outputs. The relays are programmable, and each relay can be set to high or low alarm or off;
  • Current output: When the instrument has two analog outputs, output 1 and output 2 can be set respectively. Output 1 can select the difference output or the output value of probe 1; output 2 can select the difference value or the output value of probe 2;
  • Supports customization of explosion-proof Models.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range: 0~15m
Blind spot:0.35m~0.5m
Ranging accuracy:0.5%FS
Ranging resolution:1mm
pressure: normal pressure
the meter shows: Comes with LCD to display liquid level and liquid level difference
Analog output:2 channels 4~20mA (standard configuration with 1 channel output)
Digital output:RS485 communication protocol
Supply voltage:DC24V/AC220V
Ambient temperature:-40℃~+60℃
Protection level:IP65 (can be customized IP68)
We support customization of various parameters, please contact our sales engineers for consultation.
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter For Level Difference Measure
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter For Level Difference Measure


Ultrasonic Level Transmitter has no mechanical movable parts, high reliability, simple and convenient installation. It is a non-contact measurement and is not affected by the viscosity and density of the liquid. Therefore, it is often used for liquid level measurement in medicine pools, mud drainage pools, etc.

Level measurement

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is suitable for liquid level measurement when configured with a sensor. Measures the height of the liquid level by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals.

This Level Transmitter consists of two parts: a sensor placed on top of the container and a controller connected to the sensor. The working principle is based on the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. When an ultrasonic wave is emitted from the sensor, it reflects off the liquid surface and returns to the sensor. The controller can calculate the height of the liquid level based on the time difference between the transmitted and received ultrasonic waves.

Widely used in the following fields:

  • Environmental protection field: sewage treatment, sedimentation tank liquid level measurement.
  • Chemical industry: liquid level monitoring of chemical storage tanks and reactors.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Brewing, dairy processing, liquid food storage.
  • Energy sector: oil, natural gas, liquid and liquid fuel storage in power equipment.

Level Difference Measurement

When Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is configured with two sensors, it is used to measure the difference in liquid level or material level in two different containers.

The most common method is to measure the water level before and after the coarse grating and fine grating at the water inlet of the sewage treatment plant. Calculate the height difference between water levels. Used to start the anti-drainage decontamination machine to fish out garbage. When the difference reaches the set value, the screen machine runs to remove sludge. When the difference drops to the set value, the screen machine stops. It is also installed before and after the gate to measure the water level difference before and after the gate to determine the time to open the gate.

There is also a method that does not measure the liquid level difference, but measures the water level height of two pools, and then outputs 2 channels of 4-20A. This is called a “dual-channel liquid level gauge”.

Mainly used in petrochemical industry, sewage treatment plants, urban inland rivers and lakes, manholes, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydrology, etc.

Of course, for the sewage treatment industry, we also supply corresponding pressure transmitters and sewage flow meters.

More Featured Industrial Level Transmitters and Measurement Solutions

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter has been widely used in liquid level-level difference measurement. It can be connected to various DCS systems through 4~20mA or RS485 (Modbus protocol) to provide real-time liquid level data for industrial automation operations.

We at Sino-Inst are committed to the research of ultrasonic liquid level measurement technology, as well as the application of ultrasonic technology in sludge interface measurement, pipeline flow measurement, etc. We produce more than 20 products such as conventional ultrasonic liquid level meters and explosion-proof ultrasonic level meters.

If you need to measure level or level difference, please feel free to contact our sales engineers!

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    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter supports Level-Level Difference measurement. Equipped with 2 channels of 4-20mA signal output and 2 channels of relay output.

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