Industrial Ultrasonic Level Transmitters | Non-contact Level Measurement

Industrial Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are mainly used for continuous non-contact measurement of levels in industrial storage tanks, sewage pits, diesel containers, etc. The liquid cannot contain foam, steam, smoke, etc.

The main principle of ultrasonic level measurement is to use the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves and its propagation characteristics in the medium to complete the measurement. Can meet most industrial liquid level measurement needs at a low cost.

What is an ultrasonic level transmitter?

The Ultrasonic level transmitter measures the level by emitting ultrasonic pulses and receiving the reflected signals. Most liquid level measurement requirements can be met without contact with the medium.

Ultrasonic level transmitter is a non-contact, cost-effective, easy to install and maintain level measuring instrument. It can measure the liquid level or material level inside storage tanks, water tanks, tanks and other containers.

ultrasonic level transmitter working principle

Ultrasonic level transmitter mainly measures the liquid level in storage tanks, water tanks and other containers by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals.

Once the liquid reflects the ultrasonic pulse signal inside the container, the sensor will immediately receive the reflected signal. And calculate the distance between the liquid surface and the sensor.

ultrasonic level transmitter working principle

As shown in the figure, the sound wave hits the liquid surface (or material surface) and generates a reflected wave. The time difference between the emitted wave and the reflected wave is measured to calculate the height of the material level, which is mostly used for continuity measurement.

The speed of sound in the medium is c, and the time difference between the echo and the transmitted pulse is t. Then according to the formula D=c×t/2, the distance D between the sensor and the object surface is calculated.

The measurement principle calculation formula of Ultrasonic level transmitter is: L=E-D.

E is the empty tank distance;
F is the measuring range (full tank distance);
L is the material level;
BD is the measurement blind zone;
D is the distance between the sensor housing plane and the liquid level (or material level).

Featured Industrial Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Advantages of ultrasonic level measurement technology

Non-contact measurement:

Ultrasonic Level Meters are a non-contact measurement technology. Measurements can be made without direct contact with the liquid.

This means it is not affected by liquid properties, temperature, pressure or chemical properties. Suitable for various liquids, including corrosive liquids or high temperature and high pressure liquids.

High precision and reliability:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters provide highly accurate measurement capabilities. Millimeter-level resolution can be achieved.

They generally have stable performance and reliable measurement results. Suitable for application scenarios requiring high precision. Such as industrial process control or environmental monitoring.

Wide applicability:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are suitable for a variety of liquids and container types. Including large storage tanks, small tanks, pools, rivers, etc.

They can be used for liquid level monitoring in a variety of industries including chemical, water treatment, food processing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and more.

Long distance measurement:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters enable long-distance measurements. Can be used for liquid level monitoring in tall or deep wells.

They are usually able to cover measurement ranges from a few meters to tens of meters. Making it very useful in large industrial facilities or deep water environments.

Real-time monitoring and control:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters usually have real-time measurement and data transmission functions. It can provide real-time liquid level information and integrate with control systems to achieve automated monitoring and control.

In summary, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters have the advantages of non-contact measurement, high accuracy, wide applicability, long-distance measurement, adaptability to complex environments, and real-time monitoring and control. Making it an important technology in the field of liquid level monitoring.


Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are commonly used in industrial automation control fields. It can be used to measure the liquid level of various liquids, such as water, petroleum, chemical liquids, etc.

  • In the petrochemical industry: Ultrasonic liquid level meters are often used for liquid level monitoring in oil tanks, storage tanks, reactors and other equipment.
  • In the food industry: It can be used for liquid level measurement of alcohol, beverages, juices and other liquids.
  • In the field of environmental protection: Ultrasonic Level Transmitters can be used for liquid level monitoring in sewage treatment plants, water treatment equipment, etc. Pump room, water collection well, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank, etc.
  • Electric power, mining: mortar pool, coal slurry pool, water treatment, etc.
  • In chemical enterprises: measuring liquids with anti-corrosion and explosion-proof requirements, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.
  • Agricultural irrigation. Realize intelligent management, such as water level and flow monitoring of farmland irrigation.
  • Height measurement of solid materials. Such as granaries, etc.

More Level Measurement Solutions

The ultrasonic level transmitters produced by Sino-Inst come in various forms and are suitable for a variety of industries. High accuracy, good price, durable and convenient.

As China’s leading provider of ultrasonic level measurement technology, Sino-Inst’s liquid level transmitters are available in top-mounted, bottom-mounted, corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof styles, etc. Optional 2-wire, 4-wire and other signal outputs. There is also a control signal output. Can be easily connected to your control system. and can provide critical data about the process.

If you need to purchase an ultrasonic liquid level transmitter, or have questions about related measurement technology. Please feel free to contact our engineers!

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