SI-3501 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

SI-3501 Thermal Mass Flow Meter is an instrument measures flow rate, according to thermal properties of gases.
Detecting constant temperature difference of the medium,
the flow meter can directly measure fluid mass flow,
without requiring temperature and pressure compensation,
to provide high accuracy measurement result.
Temp. range-10~350℃
PressureMedium pressure≤10MPa
Flow rate0.5-100m/s
ProtectionIP67 (sensor part)
  • Temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary, measurement process is simple and accurate.
  • Could measure mass flow or standard volume flow rate of gas.
  • Range ratio 100:1, could measure gas flow from 100Nm/s to 0.5Nm/s and be used for gas leak detection.
  • Good vibration resistance, long service life. No moving parts or pressure detecting parts, accuracy will not be affected by vibration.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Adopt overall digitizing circuit measurement to ensure high accuracy.
  • Flow meter is with RS485 communication, could be part of automation and integration of your facilities.




All gases (except acetylene)

Pipe diameter

DN10-80 (Flange type)

DN100-6000 (Insert type)

Flow rate




Operating temp.


Default type: -10~+200℃

High temp. type: -10~350℃



Operating pressure

Medium pressure≤10MPa

Medium pressure≤2.5MPa

Power supply

Compact type

DC24V or AC220V≤18W

Remote type


Response time




Optical isolation, max. load 500Ω


Optical isolation


Pipe material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.


Compact type: 4 lines LCD display

Display content

Mass flow, standard volume flow, accumulated flow, time, accumulated time, medium temp., standard flow, etc.

Ingress protection

IP67 (sensor part)

Sensor material

Stainless steel

Stainless / carbon steel

In addition to regular products, we support customization

SI-3501Thermal mass flow meter
Sensor typeC           Retrench pattern insert type
D           Online pluggable type
E           Flange pipe type
F           Thread pipe type
G           Clamp on type
Pipe diameterC         Round pipe: DN15~DN6000
S         Square pipe: 25*25mm~2000*2000mm
Housing materialA           SUS304
B           SUS316
C           Other material
PressureS            1.6MPa
M           2.5MPa
T            4.0MPa
Temp.I                10~200℃
II              10~400℃
Output1                 4-20mA
2                 RS485
3                 PULSE
4                 Relay contact
5                 HART
PowerDC        24VDC
AC        220VAC
DisplayJ          Integrated display
S         Split display

Gas in industrial pipelines Air, used as gas combustion flow meter, thermal mass flow meter high temperature air flow measurement.

Flue gas out of chimneys.

Waterfall gas during water treatment Gas and compressed air

Thermal mass flow meter for compressed air

Flow measurement and used as natural gas flow meter, coal gas flow meter, liquefied gas flow meter, thermal mass flow meter for flare gas and hydrogen gas etc.

Flow measurement of trapped gas in steelworks

March 21, 2019 at 10:08 pm


Thanks for your quick responce.  This Insertion type mag flow meter really works well in our wastewater pipes.

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