SI-3301 Gas Vortex Flow Meter

SI-3301 digital gas vortex flow meter is a flow meter operating with Karman Vortex principle for flow rate of gases (air, oxygen, nitrogen, coal gas, natural gas, chemical gas, etc.). It could be used in automatic control system as flow transmitter.

DiameterDN15~DN1800 (mm)
AccuracyPipe type: Class 1.0  Insertion type: Class 2.5
Temp. range-40℃~+400℃
Pressure1.6 MPa (offer 2.5Mpa and 4.0Mpa customization)
Flow rate5-60m/s
OutputVoltage pulse, 4-20mA output,HART, Modbus, RS485, RS232 options.
  • Without movable parts and adopt simple structure, easy to install and maintain.
  • The product is with stable performance and no zero drifting, offering pipe and insertion sensor type options.
  • Wide measurement range, the highest range ratio could reach to 20:1
  • Low pressure loss and consumption.
  • Assemble with anti-interference circuit and anti-vibration sensors, which could ensure anti-vibration performance of the product.






Air,nitrogen, coal gas, natural gas, chemical gas,steam etc.


 Pipe type: Class 1.0  Insertion type: Class 2.5

Medium temperature


Nominal pressure

≤1.6Mpa (offer ≤2.5Mpa and ≤4.0Mpa customization)

Flow rate



Voltage pulse, 4-20mA output, HART, Modbus, RS485, RS232 options.


Flange, clamp flange, insertion, threat, clamp connection


12~28VDC;85~265VAC (Remote display);3.6V lithium battery (on site display)

Operating condition

Temperature: -25℃~60℃  Humidity: 5%~90%

Housing material


In addition to regular products, we support customization

SI-3301-          Note
Nominal diameterDNXX         DN15~DN1800 (mm)
StructureF        Remote type with display
Y        Compact type with display
AccuracyA       Pipe type: Class 1.0
B       Insertion type: Class 2.5
Nominal pressure16      1.6Mpa
XX      Customization
Max. temp. of mediumM     <250℃
H     >250℃
Other functionP    With pressure compensation
T    With temperature compensation
PT    With pressure and temperature compensation
Power1   12~28VDC
2   3.6V lithium battery (on site display)
3   85~265VAC (Remote display)
OutputA  4-20mA
M  Voltage pulse
R1  RS232
R2  RS485
Installation1 Flange
2 Clamp flange
3 Insertion
4 Thread
5 Clamp
Explosion proofANo explosion proof
BIntrinsic explosion proof
GFlame proof

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Air flow meter                                     Biogas flow meter
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In-line air flow meter                          Compressed air flow meter
CO2 gas flow meters                          Oxygen(O2) Flow Meter
Helium gas flow meter                       LPG Gas Flow meter
nitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meter


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