Beverage Flow Meters for Flow Monitoring and Quantitative Filling

beverage flow meters for beverage filling

Beverage flow meters are commonly used in beverage production processes, metering and filling, etc. In the beverage industry, the requirements for the use of flow meters will be higher. Many beverages are acidic or have other properties, which have certain requirements for the material of the flow meter.

Sino-Inst Beverage flow meters can provide reliable performance in a hygienic and sterile environment. Avoid bacterial contamination and food accumulation, ensuring food safety.

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In the beverage industry, liquid flow measurement is required for processes such as quantity measurement of raw materials, mixing monitoring, and quantitative filling control. Depending on the liquid state and measurement parameters, different Beverage flow meters can be selected.

Electromagnetic flow meter for beverage measurement

Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the volume flow in conductive liquids and slurries. For many acidic and alkaline beverage raw materials, as well as mixed slurries, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement will be more stable.

Sanitary turbine flowmeter for beverage measurement

Sanitary turbine flow meters can be used for filling and measuring liquid foods such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, beer, and refined oil. It is used as a flow measurement instrument for measurement, batching, control and other purposes.

Its shell is made of stainless steel 316, and the movement part uses special materials. It has anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions. In addition, it adopts a quick-installation connection structure, which is convenient for installation and subsequent maintenance. Also easy to clean.

Sanitary rotameter

Ultrasonic flow meter external clamp measurement

An ultrasonic flow meter is a flow meter that uses ultrasonic technology to measure fluid flow. It calculates flow by sending ultrasonic pulses and measuring their travel time.

Ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for a variety of liquids, including beverage liquids. It has non-contact measurement and no pressure loss.

Hygienic gear flow meter for measuring micro flow

The gear flowmeter can be configured with 316 stainless steel and sanitary clamp connection. More suitable for measuring small flow rates. Up to 0.5~60L/H. 0.5% accuracy. And the gear flow meter can be installed on the hose. There is no requirement for front and rear straight pipe sections.

Mass flow meter for beverages

Coriolis mass flow meters are widely used in food and beverage production processes. Used to monitor and control liquid flow to ensure product quality, production efficiency and cost control.

For example, in the food batching process, Coriolis flowmeters can be used for batching control. Make sure the different ingredients are mixed according to the recipe proportions.

In the juice beverage production process, Coriolis flow meters are used for additive control. For example, a fruit juice beverage production plant uses a Coriolis mass flow meter to control the flow of additives (such as colors, flavors, preservatives, etc.). To ensure that each batch of juice drinks has consistent flavor and color.

Beverage flow meters for quantitative filling system

After the beverage production is completed, it generally needs to be filled in quantitative quantities and then distributed.

If there is no automatic filling machine, users can also configure Beverage flow meters, quantitative controllers, solenoid valves and other accessories themselves. To achieve quantitative filling control.

Our Sino-Inst Beverage flow meters can be used with quantitative controllers.

Quantitative controller: cooperates with various Beverage flow meters and transmitters. Realize quantitative canning and batching control.

Sino-Inst’s quantitative controller supports LCD display in English and can input current signals or pulse signals. With large valve/small valve/pump control interface. Start/stop/reset button interface. 24V/220V power supply (choose one of the two, the default is 220v-switching power supply configuration).

Quantitative controller

Main features

  1. The error is less than 0.2%F.S, and it has adjustment and digital filtering functions. It can help reduce the errors of sensors and transmitters. Effectively improve the measurement and control accuracy of the system;
  2. Flow sensors suitable for current, voltage and pulse output;
  3. 3-point switch input. Used for startup, recovery, and clearing the accumulated value to zero each time;
  4. Click to control the output. Used for hierarchical control of large valves and small valves and instantaneous flow lower limit alarm;
  5. The transmission output can output the instantaneous flow value in the form of standard current and voltage for use by other equipment;
  6. The 8-segment polyline calculation function can reduce the nonlinear error of the flow sensor;
  7. The instantaneous flow rate can be measured in hours or minutes;
  8. Fully transparent, high-speed and efficient network communication interface. Realize complete data transmission and control between computer and instrument. The unique control transfer function allows the computer to directly control the working status and transmission output of the instrument. The time to read one measurement data is less than 10ms;
  9. Provide technical support for test software, configuration software and application software;
  10. Equipped with printing interface and printing unit with hardware clock. Realize manual, scheduled and alarm printing functions. If the intelligent printing unit is optional, multiple instruments can share one printer.

More Flow Measurement Solutions

Flow meters in food and beverage plants are important production tools and play an important role in ensuring production safety and quality. When selecting a flow meter, the appropriate type and specifications should be selected based on the actual needs of the factory.

Sino-Inst’s food grade Beverage flow meters are most commonly used during critical stages of food and beverage processing. For example, flow meters in beverage mixing systems and dosage adjustment systems.

The flow sensor in the flow meter is the key, and its use requirements are relatively high. Many beverages are acidic or have other properties, which have certain requirements for the material of the flow meter.

In addition, the surface of Beverage flow meters should adopt a smooth and seamless design to avoid bacterial contamination and food accumulation, ensuring food safety.

If you need to purchase Beverage flow meters, or have related configuration technical questions, please contact our engineers!

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