Target Flow Meter Advantages And Disadvantages and Featured Applications

Target Flow Meter Advantages And Disadvantages and Featured Applications

The target flow meter is mainly used to solve the flow measurement of high viscosity and low Reynolds number fluid.
The target flowmeter mainly has two measurement forms: the basic type and the integrated temperature and pressure compensation type. The basic type can measure the flow signal of a single working condition. The temperature and pressure compensation integrated type can measure temperature, pressure, and flow signals at the same time, and output standard volume flow or mass flow after compensation.

Target flowmeters are also divided into two types: pipeline type and insertion type. Each form has high temperature, high pressure, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and other specifications. There are also two structures, integral and split, which are suitable for different measurement media and installation environments.

What is target flow meter?

Target flowmeter is a flowmeter used to solve the flow measurement of high viscosity and low Reynolds number fluid. It consists of three parts: force generating device, force converting device and signal processing unit.

The target flowmeter gets its name because it sets a circular plate called a target in the direction perpendicular to the flow velocity of the fluid medium in the center of the section of a straight pipe section with a certain cross-sectional area. When the fluid medium flows along the target , the circular plate will be affected by the thrust of the fluid. The magnitude of the force is proportional to the kinetic energy of the fluid and the area of the target.

When the Reynolds number of the pipeline is greater than the Reynolds number of the flowmeter limit, the flow of the fluid medium has a clear numerical correspondence with the force on the target, so the flow of the measured fluid medium can be obtained by calculation.

The target flowmeter has the characteristics of no moving parts, and its measurement accuracy is relatively high. It also has unique anti-interference and anti-impurity performance. It is light and reliable, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, energy, food, environmental protection, water conservancy, etc. each field.

Target Flow Meter Advantages

Target Flow Meter Advantages

Target flowmeters are mainly used for flow measurement of high viscosity fluids. What are the advantages of target flowmeters:

  1. The entire instrument structure of the target flowmeter is very solid and has no moving parts. The overall design adopts plug-in structure, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance;
  2. A variety of anti-corrosion materials and high and low temperature resistant materials. For example, Hastelloy, titanium, etc. can be used in the production of target flowmeters;
  3. The whole target flowmeter can be made fully sealed without dead ends. The entire meter has no leaks. Able to withstand high pressure of 42MPa;
  4. The instrument of the target flowmeter is equipped with a self-inspection program. The fault phenomenon is clearer;
  5. The sensor does not come into contact with the measured medium during measurement. Therefore, there is no wear and tear of parts, and it is safe to use;
  6. The calibration of the target flowmeter is convenient, and the method of dry calibration can be directly used on the spot, that is, the weight-hanging method. One-key operation can complete the calibration;
  7. There are various installation methods to choose from. For example, you can choose the common online plug-in type, and the installation cost is low;
  8. With integrated temperature and pressure compensation. Can directly output the quality or standard;
  9. Small signal cut-off and non-linear correction can be performed. At the same time, the filter time can also be selected;
  10. Not only can it accurately measure various normal temperatures, but it can also measure gas and liquid flow rates at high temperatures of 500 degrees and low temperatures of -200 degrees. Wide range of temperature measurement;
  11. The measurement of the target flowmeter is accurate, and the accuracy can reach 0.2%;
  12. Good repeatability, generally 0.05% ~ 0.08%, fast measurement;
  13. The pressure loss is small, only about 1/2△P of the standard orifice plate;
  14. Anti-interference, anti-impurity ability is extremely strong;
  15. The measuring range can be changed by replacing the baffle (target piece) according to actual needs;
  16. On-site display of low power consumption battery, can read the indicated value online directly. The display screen can read instantaneous and cumulative flow and percentage bar graph at the same time;
  17. Easy to install and easy to maintain;
  18. Various output forms, can transmit various parameters remotely;
  19. Strong vibration resistance, can measure pulsating flow within a certain range.

Target Flow Meter Disadvantages

  1. Since the target plate and target rod of the target flowmeter have their own weight, the zero point must be reset after installation;
  2. Not suitable for continuous working fluid measurement environment, frequent switching engineering will affect;
  3. The range is narrow, and the range of general instruments is 10:1;
  4. The accuracy is not very high, and it is generally used as a process control meter, and it should be used with caution in trade settlement;
  5. There is drift (usually with compensation);
  6. Easy to vibrate (generally add damping parts);
  7. The target chip is easy to fall off (operation reason);

SI-3706 Target Flow Meter
SI-3706 Target Flow Meter

target flow meter applications

The target flowmeter is a flowmeter with a very wide measurement range.

Gas type:

Coal gas, air, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen peroxide, flue gas, methane, butane, chlorine, etc.

Liquid type:

  • Heavy oil, paraffin, asphalt, sulfuric acid, edible oil, residual oil, diesel oil;
  • Mine water, detergent, soy sauce, gasoline, silicone oil, syrup, solvent, perfume, sea water;
  • Aviation kerosene, soap ketone water, glucose, rapeseed acid, salt water, paste, ink, coolant;
  • Ethylene glycol, mineral oil, liquid sugar, hydrochloric acid, car paint, resin, tallow, vegetable oil;
  • Liquid oxygen, shampoo, toothpaste, gel, fuel oil, milk, bleach, conditioner, soda;
  • Additives, cleaning agents, alkaline, ammonia, marine oil, chemical reagents;
  • Kerosene, glycerin, dyes, water, high-boiling organic solutions, lard;
  • Additives, alcohol, oil, ethylene, polypropylene, methylbenzene, etc.


Superheated steam, saturated steam

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Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of target flow meters. Sino-Inst provides more than 10 types of target flow meters. The digital display target flowmeter is based on the measurement principle of the traditional target flowmeter and makes full use of its best features.

A new type of force-sensing target flowmeter developed and developed by combining new sensor technology and modern digital technology. The target flowmeter has the characteristics of no moving parts in the traditional target flowmeter, orifice plate, vortex street and other flowmeters. At the same time, it has a measurement accuracy comparable to that of a positive displacement flowmeter. Coupled with its unique anti-interference, anti-impurity performance, light and reliable features. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, energy, food, environmental protection, water conservancy and other fields.

Target flowmeter is suitable for various pipe diameters: from Φ6~Φ2000mm to larger
Target flowmeter is suitable for high and low temperature media: from -196°C to +450°C
Target flowmeter is suitable for high pressure working conditions: from 0 to 42Mpa (gauge pressure)

Sino-Inst continues to provide customers with flow solutions. Experience. If you have any questions about the selection, technology, application, etc. of target flow meters, please feel free to contact Sino-Inst sales engineers.

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