SI-3704 Venturi Tube Flow Meter

The SI-3704 Venturi Tube Flow Meter, also called Classical Venturi Tube,
is a Classical design differential pressure flow device. 
The Venturi tube is used for the measurement of gas and fluid flow,
in which there is low pressure loss primary requirement.
According to type of production there are:
classical Venturi tubes with cast, or machined or welded confuter.
Temp. range-20℃-+100℃
MediumGas, water, Chemical, Crude, Slurry to even high temperature Steam
ConnectionFlange connection, Butt welding
  • Provides longevity, reliability and long term performance.
  • Is designed in accordance to ASME and ISO standards and it offers the highest “As Built” accuracy
  • Reduced pumping costs
  • Provides lowest level of permanent pressure loss of any Venturi style, significantly less than orifice plates
  • Durable solution for liquids, gas, steam and mixed media
  • With minor modifications the SSL can be transformed into a bi-directional flow meter
  • Easily installed in any position with minimal straight pipe requirements.
  • Optional: RTD

Venturi Tube flow meter types


Pressure methodThe upstream end uses the radial pressure to take the pressure, and the downstream part uses the throat to take the pressure.
Nominal pressure≤6.3MPa
Nominal diameter50-2200mm
Scope of applicationOpening diameter ratioβ:0.4≤β≤0.7
 Reynolds number range:2*10⁶≥ReD≥2*10⁵
 Outflow coefficient c:c=0.985

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Venturi’s are very useful when considering erosion and pressure recovery restraints.

Our Venturi meters can cope with a wide range of mediums:

from Gas, water, Chemical, Crude, Slurry to even high temperature Steam,

and can be used for many apllications,

such as irigation systems, metallurgy,

power stations, chemical industry,

water suply project, etc. 




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Water Flow Meter Types

Water Flow Meter Types

Water flow meter types are: Electromagnetic (magnetic), Turbine, Ultrasonic, and DP. Coriolis and Oval Gear flow meters can also work for water flow measurement.

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