SI-3703 Verabar Averaging Pitot Tubes

SI-3703 Verabar Averaging Pitot Tube, one type of differential pressure flow meters,
measuring the flow rate by differential pressure.
SI-3703 Verabar Averaging Pitot Tube is developed on the basis of the principle of the pitot tube flow rate measurement. It can measure the flow of fluids such as liquids, gases and vapors.
There is almost no pressure loss, installation and maintenance are convenient,
and the running cost is extremely low, which is favored by users.
Temp. range– 100 ° C ~ 800 ° C
Pressure0 ~ 40Mpa

air, gas, flue gas, natural gas, tap water, boiler feed water,

containing rot solution; saturated steam, superheated steam, etc

Verabar Averaging Pitot Tubes instruments

1. The VERIS verbal flowmeter can be used for flow measurement,
of various media such as liquid, gas and steam flow;
2.VERIS verbal flowmeter structure, small pressure loss, easy installation and disassembly, small maintenance;
3. Suitable for flow measurement of large pipelines and irregular pipelines;
4. The pressure loss is small
(compared with the orifice plate, only 5% or less of the orifice plate),
greatly reducing the power consumption,
and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.
5. Integrated structure, good set;
6. The pipe diameter adapts to a large range.
When the pipe diameter is larger, the plug-in structure is adopted,
and its superiority is more prominent;
7. Accuracy and long-term stability are good, the accuracy can reach 1%, and the stability can reach ±0.1%;
8. Multi-parameter intelligent transmission, full dynamic temperature and pressure automatic compensation.
Unaffected by pressure and temperature changes.
9. On-site instructions and remote transmission are compatible,
which facilitates system setup and network access.
10. Open digital platform, multi-purpose serial access.

1. The ranges ratio of 20:1

2. General pipe diameter: 8mm ~ 8000mm;

3. Measurement accuracy: ±1.0%;

4. Repeatability: ± 0.1%;

5. Working pressure: 0 ~ 40Mpa;

6. Working temperature: -100 ° C ~ 800 ° C;

7. Applicable medium:

air, gas, flue gas, natural gas, tap water, boiler feed water,

containing rot solution; saturated steam, superheated steam, etc.

8. Reference standards: ISO 3966-197, JB/T5325-1991, and GB/T2624-2006

9. Connection method: 

plug-in flange connection,  plug-in threaded connection,

pipe flange connection,  pipe thread connection.

In addition to regular products, we support customization

 Spectral specificationDescription
SI-3703- Average flow sensor
sensor typeW Verabar
D Deltaba
A Annubar
B Pitot Tube
Media type Y liquid
 Q gas
 Z steam
Sensor style P normal type
 Q Ball valve type
 ZX Online plug type
 TH Spring lock type
Sensor structure FT Split structure
 YT Integrated structure
Installation method 1 Single-ended fixation
 2 Double end fixing
Connection method 1 Threaded connection
 2 Flange connection
 3 Straight welded connection (for high temperature and high pressure)
Pressure Level 1 ≦1.6MPa
 2 ≦2.5MPa
 3 ≦4.0MPa
 5 ≦25MPa
Caliber -2525mm



  • Combustion Air application data
  • Compressed Air application data
  • Natural Gas
  • Nitrogen Hydrocarbons
  • Methane Dowtherm
  • Vapor Blast
  • Furnace Gas application data
  • Oxygen Flare gas
  • Acid Gas
  • Stack Gas
  • Sour Gas


  • Chilled Water
  • Hot Water
  • Boiler Feedwater application data
  • Condensate Cooling Water application data
  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Glycol Solutions
  • River Water
  • HC Liquids
  • Oil



  • Soot Blower application data
  • Superheated Steam
  • Saturated Steam
  • Geothermal Steam


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