SI-3705 V-Cone Flow Meter

SI-3705 V-Cone Flow Meter is the new type differential pressure flow measurement device,
with one coaxial sharp cone installed in the measuring tube as throttling part.
SI-3705 V-Cone Flow Meter is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions,
where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important.
The V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations.
AccuracyClass 0.5
Temp. range-160 °C ~ 700 °C
Pressure≤ 16MPa,  42MPa(maximum)
Mediumall kinds of gas,liquid and steam
Normally types

A. Flange type   B. Welding type  

C. Clamped type    D. Insertion type

● Short straight pipe section at upper and lower reaches.  0D- 3D

● Precision: ±1.0%, ±1.5%, ±0.5% (after real flow calibration);

● Resistant o dirt, low pressure loss

● With flowing adjustment and liquid mixing function

● Convenient installation, it is the ideal flowmeter for technical reconstruction;

● Free of maintenance or low maintenance work load


High Reliability V-cone Flow Meter V-Cone Flow Meter detail

Accuracy class:0.5
Long-term stability:± 0.1% F.S / Y
Repeatability:± 0.1%
Minimum flow velocity:0.1m
Turndown ratio:Normally15:1;  max50:1
Reynolds number range:8 × 103 ~ 5 × 106
Operating pressure:≤ 16MPa,  42MPa(maximum)
Operating temperature:-160 °C ~ 700 °C
Nominal diameter:φ15~φ2000 (1/2″~120″)
Environment temperature: ≤ 80 °C
Relative humidity: 5 ~ 85%
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA
Power supply: 24VDC
Voltage of DP transmitter : 24VDC
Current of DP transmitter : 4mA ~ 20mA
Voltage of intelligent flow totalizer: 220VDC
Current of intelligent flow totalizer: 4 ~ 20mA
Communications mode of DP transmitter: HART&BRAIN
Communications mode of smart flow computation indicator: RS232 & RS485
Normally types:

A. Flange type  B. Welding type

C. Clamped type D. Insertion type

Suitable situation:

1. Nominal diameter: φ15~φ2000, flow rate:≥0.1m/s, working pressure:-0.1MPa~42MPa, working temperature:-160℃~700℃, environmental temperature≤85℃.

2. Besides of normal gas ,liquid and steam,it also applicate for all kinds of gas,liquid and steam with high dust ,high suspended solids,high viscosity, strong corrosive,crystallize and supersaturated.

In addition to regular products, we support customization

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SI-3705 V-Cone Flow Meters are widely used in Oil Field , petrochemical, chemical, power,  gas and other industries.


SI-3705 V-Cone Flow Meter application

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