Solid Flow Meter | Powder Mass Flow Measurement

Solid Flow Meter

Solid flow meter is an instrument for online measurement of the flow rate of various gas-transported powders. Through the online measurement of the powder flow meter, the powder mass flow rate in the pipeline can be monitored in real time.

The applicable powder mass flow measurement range of our Sino-Inst Solid flow meter is: 0-20kg/100kg/500kg/20t/100t/h; the applicable particle size range is 0.1uM~2000uM. Support customization!

Technical advantages of solid flow meter:

  • The powder flowmeter is an integrated structure composed of a sensor unit and a transmitter unit;
  • High sensitivity, not affected by vibration, no dust contamination, high reliability and long life;
  • The current signal output by the transmitter is electrically isolated from the sensor unit to achieve interference-free transmission of the output current signal;
  • Two-wire (4-20mA) current signal output, strong anti-interference ability, easy to transmit over long distances, no special requirements for transmission wires. The output current has a linear relationship with the dust concentration, which facilitates subsequent PLC data processing;
  • Modular design, sensor unit and transmitter unit can be replaced individually;
  • Long life design, full metal shell and connectors.

solid flow sensor

Our solid flow sensor is a special sensor and cannot be replaced by other sensors.

Process gas temperature:0℃~250℃ (260℃-800℃ can be customized)
Process gas pressure:-0.1Mpa-1Mpa
Process gas flow rate:3m/s-30m/s
Process gas humidity:no condensation 90%

solid flow meter technical parameters

Suitable for pipe diameter range10mm~600mmOther specifications can be customized
Operating temperature-50℃~260℃(260℃-800℃ can be customized)
work pressure-0.1Mpa~2 Mpa
Work flow rate1m/s~30 m/s
Applicable particle size range0.luM~2000 uM
Applicable range0-20kg/100kg/500kg/20t/100t/h
Sensor structureUnobstructed pipeline type
Operating environment electromagnetic fieldMaximum value = 60A/m at 50 Hz
Operating environment humidityNo condensation 90%
Operating ambient temperature-40℃~85℃ (electronic components)
Operating environment vibrationMaximum continuous oscillation, any direction, any frequency: root mean square value 2g (20m/s2)
Operating environment protectionProtection level: IP66/NEMA4 aluminum alloy shell
Transmitter power supply24V (available in the range of 15V~32V)
Transmitter output4~20mA isolated output
Response time1 second
Power consumptionMaximum 3W
Accuracy level±5% of full scale
zero driftless than 1%
Full scale driftless than 1%
Measuring range0-20kg/100kg/500kg/20t/100t/h

solid flow meter working principle

Solid flow meter uses the most reliable electrostatic measurement technology.

When the airflow containing dust particles in the pipe passes through a fixed sensor, the weak current generated by the movement of the dust particles is collected by the sensor and sent to the transmitter.

It is filtered, amplified and processed by the transmitter into a standard output value that is linearly related to the dust flow rate.

Featured Applications

The powder flow meter can measure various bulk solid powder materials. Common ones include: food powder, coal powder, mineral powder, feed, lime, cement, carbon black, petroleum coke powder, etc.

Bulk solid powder materials

Our Sino-Inst solid flow meter can be widely used in various industrial purposes, such as ironmaking, power generation, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical industry, building materials processing, cement manufacturing and other industries.

Typical uses include coal injection pipelines in ironmaking blast furnaces, coal injection pipelines in thermal power generation boilers, total process transportation volume monitoring, various fuel boilers and other productive powder flow monitoring.

Monitor the recycling and powder conveying process of powdered materials

Take coal injection in iron-making blast furnaces and coal injection in power generation boilers as examples. Coal injection in blast furnaces and coal injection in power station boilers
That is, raw coal (anthracite, bituminous coal) is dried, ground into fine particles, and collected through a bag dust collector. Let it enter the pulverized coal bin, enter the injection tank for mixing, and transport it with compressed air (or nitrogen). It is sent from the injection tank to the distributor, and then directly injected into the furnace hearth from each coal injection gun through the distributor.

The powder flow measuring instrument is installed on the pipe of each coal injection gun after the distributor, and can monitor each coal injection gun at any time.
The transportation status of gas-solid two-phase fluid in the coal injection pipeline, and the total transportation volume is measured. It can also serve as an alarm for the blocking of coal injection pipelines.

Application plan of pulverized coal flow meter in coal injection system of ironmaking blast furnace

solid flow meter in cement plant

In the construction industry and other areas where large amounts of cement are handled, a cement powder flow meter is an indispensable tool. It is used to accurately measure and monitor the flow of cement, thus ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the production and construction process.

  • Production monitoring: Real-time monitoring of powder flow in the cement production process. Help companies control production and optimize operations more effectively.
  • Material transmission: ensure stable flow of materials during transmission and prevent material waste or blockage.
  • Metering and billing: For the accuracy of measurement and billing, ensure that the traffic data in every link is accurate.
solid flow meter in cement plant
Solid flow meter in cement plant

More Flow Measurement Solutions

In the production process of modern industry, due to process requirements, solid flow meters are used more and more widely, and their performance requirements are also getting higher and higher. The powder solids flow meter can accurately monitor the quantity of materials during the production process by measuring the material quality and flow rate. Help enterprises manage costs efficiently, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality.

Our Sino-Inst powder flowmeter is designed to withstand high temperatures and high pressures and is suitable for various industrial production environments. Integrated, two-wire structure, can be easily connected to the user’s automated management system.

If you need to purchase Solid Flow Meters or have technical questions about Powder Mass Flow Measurement, please feel free to contact us!

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    Solid Flow Meter | Powder Mass Flow Measurement

    Solid flow meter is an instrument for online measurement of the flow rate of various gas-transported powders. Through the online measurement of the powder flow meter, the powder mass flow rate in the pipeline can be monitored in real time.

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