Different Diesel Level Sensors for Diesel Tank Level Measurement

Different Diesel Level Sensors for Diesel Tank Level Measurement

Diesel sensors can be used to measure the liquid level of diesel in storage tanks and convert it into standard electrical signals or switching signals. It can be used to build a diesel storage tank liquid level monitoring system.

Sino-Inst supplies float, ultrasonic, radar and other various diesel level sensors. Supports customization of measuring range, explosion-proof, installation size, signal output and other parameters.

Featured Diesel Level Sensors

Types of Diesel level sensors

There are many types of Diesel level sensors. Different diesel level gauges will have different advantages. Next, we will analyze several mainstream models for you based on our experience:

  1. Radar level meter.
    • Radar level meter is the most accurate diesel level meter. The accuracy can reach ±1mm. It can be equipped with explosion-proof and large range up to 120m. Especially the latest 80G radar.
  2. Explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter.
    • The accuracy of the explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter is lower than that of the radar level meter. But the price of explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter is better. Can cover the range within 20m. And the 4-wire system can be configured with relay output.
  3. External ultrasonic level meter
    • No need to drill holes in the tank for measurement. This is the biggest advantage of external ultrasonic level meter. The liquid level can be measured by simply attaching the probe to the bottom of the tank and measuring.
  4. Gas pressure level meter
    • Gas pressure level meter, just drop the probe into the oil level and start measuring. Easy to operate. A wide range of measurements can be achieved at low cost.
  5. Float level meter
    • Using the buoyancy of the float in the diesel liquid level, you can choose a float level transmitter and a float level switch. Float level transmitters are low cost. Float level switch can realize multi-point liquid level control.
  6. Magnetostrictive level transmitter
    • The magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter is a contact level meter with extremely high measurement accuracy. The accuracy can reach ±1mm. The measuring range can reach 23m. The measurement is the most stable and accurate. But the cost will be higher.
  7. Magnetic flap level indicator
    • Magnetic flap level indicator is a mechanical diesel oil level indicator. It can be used directly to observe the liquid level of media in various containers. It is suitable for liquid level indication in petroleum, chemical and other industrial fields. The liquid level meter has a simple structure, intuitive and clear observation, and does not block or leak.
  8. Capacitive oil level meter
    • The capacitive oil level sensor is a liquid level sensor based on the radio frequency capacitance measurement principle. It can output 4~20mA, 0~5V standard signals, as well as RS232 and RS485 communication signals. It can be used with satellite positioning monitoring systems, car modification factories, etc.
Industrial diesel tank level monitoring system

Industrial diesel tank level monitoring system

The diesel storage tank liquid level monitoring system mainly consists of a diesel liquid level sensor and a liquid level recorder.

After the diesel level sensor measures diesel, it outputs a current or voltage signal. Then connect it to the liquid level recorder.

For example, our NHR-7620/7620R series volume display controller/recorder. It is a product designed mainly to solve the problem of regular and irregular tank liquid level, volume and mass conversion in industrial sites.

With USB data transfer function, the storage time can be up to 720 days. The historical curve of process quantity changes or related historical data can be accessed at any time through the USB flash drive and the host computer analysis software. It can be used with various liquid level sensors such as ultrasonic level meters.

More Level Measurement Solutions

Diesel Level Sensors can measure the level of media in open, closed containers or underground tanks. Display, alarm and control are carried out in the instrument control room. It has explosion-proof protection performance and is especially suitable for the measurement and control of special media such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. Widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, papermaking, food, and sewage treatment industries.

Sino-Inst manufactures and supplies various types of Diesel Level Sensors. Supports customization of measurement parameters. If you need to purchase Diesel Level Sensors or have related technical questions, please contact our engineers!

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