Multi Level Float Switch/Controller | 1~4 Points

Multi Level Float Switch-Controller

Multi Level Float Switch is a fully customized liquid level controller that can achieve 1~4 point control. Cooperating with the liquid level relay and AC contactor, it can quantitatively position the infusion and drainage of on-site pipelines and transportation equipment.

Multi Level Float Switch is available in a variety of materials. For example: stainless steel, brass and Buna, PVC, polypropylene or PTFE. And can be ordered with integrated temperature sensor.


  • Multi-point control can be used.The control switch position can be customized according to the user needs;
  • No power supply is required for using the magnetic spring switch, and the connection life is up to 2 million times;
  • All switch lines are in the same junction box, external construction wiring is cheap;
  • Compared with multiple switch control points and other forms of level switches, the lowest unit price;
  • The protection level of the terminal box is above IP-65;
  • There is PP, SUS316 metal, so suitable products are available for use of acid and alkali, solvents or various fuels;
  • The magnetic spring switch is completely isolated from the wire and is also safe for use on high temperature and high voltage equipment;
  • Connecting rod floating ball level switch set for high temperature and high pressure situations;
  • The 60VA Dry contact spring switch can be selected either open or closed through the floating ball mounting position;
  • 316 SS floating ball, conduit, and mounting interface for harsh environments;
  • US standard (NEMA 4X) polypropylene housing with rotatable base easily adjustable in electrical pair;
  • The catheter length and switch setpoint size can be customized;
Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switches

Multi Level Float Switch/Controller technical parameters

Product materialDefault 304 stainless steel, customizable 316L, PP, PTFE
Product length100mm~5000mm, the switching volume is not less than 100mm single point, the continuous volume is not less than 500mm, the longest is 5000mm;
Contact rating50W/250VAC,200VDC 40W/250VAC 10W/110VAC
Rated current0.2A(50W), 0.16A(40W), 0.1A(10W)
Working current1A(50W,40W),0.5A(10W)
Pressure resistant(-1.0~3.5)MPa-metal type; (0~0.5)MPa-plastic type
Temperature-20℃~120℃(can be customized up to 200℃)
Float size25/28/45/50/75/110mm, depending on the usage parameters.
Guide rod diameter8/12/14/16/20mm, depending on the usage parameters.
Connection TypeThreaded type, quick-install chuck type, flange type, etc. can be customized.
Power supplyThe switch type float itself does not require power supply and provides contact signals.
Control pointsUp to 4 floating balls, corresponding to 4 points
Multi Level Float Switch-Controller Structure and Dimensions

Multi Level Float Switch/Controller working principle

Multi Level Float Switch uses magnetic force to operate and has no mechanical connectors, making the operation simple and reliable.

When the measured medium of the float switch floats on the float, the float drives the main body to move. At the same time, the magnet on the other end of the float will control the magnet on the switch action lever.

In a sealed metal or plastic tube, one or more magnetic reed switches are installed. The tube is then threaded through one or more hollow floats with ring magnets inside. And use the fixed ring to control the float ball and the reed switch at the relevant positions, so that the float ball floats up and down within a certain range.

The magnet in the float is used to attract the contacts of the reed switch to produce opening and closing actions.

Multi Level Float Switch-Controller working principle

Water replenishment, drainage and alarm functions

  • Water replenishment: Normally open at low liquid level, normally closed at high liquid level.
  • Drainage: Normally open for high liquid level, normally closed for low liquid level.
  • Alarm: Both high and low liquid levels are normally open.

The float is equipped with a ring magnet, and the rod is equipped with a magnetic induction switch.

Water replenishment is: start at low liquid level, stop at high liquid level. When the magnet reaches low liquid level, the normally open switch turns on and becomes normally closed and energized. When the high liquid level reaches, the magnet draws off the normally closed switch and turns on to normally open and cuts off power.

Drainage means: start at high liquid level and stop at low liquid level. The working principle is opposite to water replenishment.

Multi Level Float Switch Explosion Proof

Multi Level Float Switch/Controller Applications

The float level gauge has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high accuracy.

Multi Level Float Switch-Controller can be widely used in various wastewater purification, shipbuilding, generator equipment, petrochemical, food, electronics, dyeing and finishing, chemical, rubber and plastic, hydraulic machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Multi Level Float Switch-Controller is suitable for various non-strongly adhesive liquids such as water, solvents, oils, corrosive liquids, etc.

More Featured Level Measurement

Float level switch is a device commonly used to measure and control liquid level. It has many classifications. Multi Level Float Switch is one of these types. It consists of a floating ball and a connecting rod, and adjusts the state of the switch according to changes in liquid level. This type of switch is widely used in liquid level control systems in industrial production and laboratories.

We at Sino-Inst provide customized services for Multi Level Float Switch. In addition to magnetic float level sensors, we also produce other industrial level transmitters. Such as ultrasonic level meter, radar level meter, hydrostatic level transmitter, etc., more than 30 kinds of products.

If you need to purchase Multi Level Float Switch or have related technical questions, please feel free to contact us.

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    Multi Level Float Switch/Controller | 1~4 Points | Sino-Inst

    Multi Level Float Switch is a fully customized liquid level controller that can achieve 1~4 point control. Cooperating with the liquid level relay and AC contactor, it can quantitatively position the infusion and drainage of on-site pipelines and transportation equipment.

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