Deep Well Water Level Sensor | Up to 200~2000mH2O

Deep Well Water Level Sensor

Deep well water level sensor is a submersible liquid level transmitter independently designed for deep well measurement applications. Deep well water level sensor has a larger customized range and better price than ultrasonic well depth sensor! Widely used in deep well liquid level measurement, groundwater level monitoring, geothermal well measurement, etc.

  • Liquid level range: 0~200~500~1000~2000mH2O
  • Temperature range: -40~100℃
  • Output: 4~20mA, 4~12~20mA, RS485
  • Power supply: 9~36VDC


Our Deep Well Water Level Sensor product uses an OEM pressure sensor with a stainless steel isolation diaphragm as the signal measurement element. Internal sealing treatment, double isolation cavity design.

After automatic computer testing, the zero point and sensitivity temperature compensation over a wide temperature range were carried out using laser trimming technology.

It has anti-interference, small temperature drift, high stability and high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal liquid level measurement instrument in the field of deep well measurement.

  • Adopt diffused silicon pressure sensitive element diaphragm isolation technology;
  • Cable connection, directly put into use, easy to install;
  • Customers can assemble the cables themselves;
  • Anti-clogging and anti-scaling;
  • Anti-lightning strike, cut-off interference design, strong anti-interference ability;
  • Wiring reverse and overvoltage protection, current limiting protection;
  • Good stability, anti-condensation and anti-liquid filling;
  • Small temperature drift coefficient and high accuracy;
Deep Well Water Level Sensor Structure
Deep Well Water Level Sensor Structure

Deep well water level sensor technical parameters

Measuring medium:Water (H2O) or liquid compatible with contact materials
Liquid level range:0~200~500~1000~2000mH2O
Temperature range:-40~100℃(±2℃)
Medium temperature:-40~100℃(factory wired)/-40~60℃(self-wiring, depends on packaging process)
Pressure method:Seal pressure(S)
Response frequency:Analog signal output≤50Hz
Stable performance:±0.1% FS/year
Accuracy level:0.1%FS (including repeatability ≤0.02%FS, hysteresis ≤0.02%FS)
Note: The reference conditions are temperature 15~25℃, atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa, and humidity 45~75%RH.
Ambient temperature:-40~100℃
Supply voltage:9~36VDC
Signal output:4~20mA, 4~12~20mA, RS485
Temperature compensation:-40~85℃
Overload capacity:200% full scale
Temperature drift:±:IP68
Overall weight:Probe ≈ 650g, cable ≈ 110g per meter
Connection time:400ms
Maximum power:≤0.02Us(W) Note: Us=supply voltage.
Overall material
Diaphragm:316L stainless steel (contact with measured medium)
Shell:316L stainless steel (contact with measured medium)
Seals : Fluorine rubber (without cable, in contact with the measured medium)
Seals : Fluorine rubber (contact with measured medium)
Wire and cable:Polyethylene φ7.8 steel wire layer cable (contacting the measured medium)
Mechanical stability
Seismic performance:10g(20…2000Hz) complies with IEC60068-2-6 standard
Impact resistance:500g/ms conforms to IEC60068-2-27 standard
Electrical protection
Short circuit protection:Permanent
Reverse polarity protection:No damage, but doesn’t work
Insulation resistance:≥100MΩ, 500VDC
Dielectric strength:500VAC
Deep well water level sensor dimensions
Deep well water level sensor dimensions

Measurement principle

Well water level sensor The pressure formula on the liquid surface is: Ρ=ρgh + P1

In the formula:

  • P: The pressure on the liquid surface of the sensor (for ease of understanding, hereafter collectively referred to as pressure)
  • ρ: Density of the measured liquid (default is 1g/cm³ during debugging)
  • g: Gravity acceleration (default is 9.8m/s² during debugging)
  • P1: Intra-cavity pressure during packaging (≈101.3kPa)
  • h: Depth of the sensor into the liquid
Well water level sensor application

Build water well monitoring system

The water well monitoring system is divided into two parts: groundwater on-site real-time monitoring equipment and monitoring center display instruments.

Well water level sensor can measure groundwater levels in various working conditions such as deep geothermal wells, mines, hot spring groundwater, water collection wells, overflow wells, etc.

Real-time water level conditions are transmitted to the user’s monitoring system through signals. Generally it is PLC or liquid level recorder, liquid level controller, etc.

Build water well monitoring system

More Industrial Level Measurement

Our Sino-Inst Deep Well Water Level Sensor is independently designed for deep well measurement applications. It has the advantages of small temperature drift coefficient, high precision, cable wear resistance and resistance to stretch. Using double isolation cavities, customers can connect the cables themselves for ease of use.

Liquid level range: 0~200~500~1000~2000mH2O. In addition, we can also provide customized products that meet customer application needs in a short time according to their applications.

In addition to Deep Well Water Level Sensor, we also produce other types of liquid level measurement equipment, such as CO2 cylinder level indicators, explosion-proof ultrasonic level meters, high temperature oil level sensors, etc. Supports customization of various parameters to meet your special needs!

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    Deep Well Water Level Sensor|Up to 200~2000mH2O-Better Price

    Sino-Inst Deep Well Water Level Sensor is independently designed for deep well measurement applications. Optional 0~200~500~1000~2000mH2O. Better price!

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