SI-3110 Submersible Electromagnetic Flow Meter

SI-3110 Submersible Electromagnetic Flow meter,
consists of diving electromagnetic flow sensor and electromagnetic flow converter.
In the continuous measurement of agricultural irrigation in open channel,
and close conduit or conducting liquid volume flow in the pipeline.
Submersible Electromagnetic Flow meter will be widely used in drainage of cities and towns,
sewage treatment, water conservancy project, irrigation and other departments of the flow measurement.





Temp. range


Maximum diving depth


Flow rate

(0.5~1) ~(0.5~10)m/s



Submersible electromagnetic flow meter is not only have measuring accurate of common electromagnetic flow meter,

stable and reliable in work,

but also have the below feature:

  • Measure the flow of non-full tubes (round tubes, egg tubes or other shaped tubes)
  • Measurement channel (circular channel, rectangular channel or other shaped channel) flow
  • Measure natural river and stream flow
  • Measuring sewage discharge channels or pipeline (sewer) flow
  • Measure forward and reverse flow rates and flow rates
  • Provide instantaneous flow value and cumulative flow value
  • output signal: RS-485, Modbus, 4-20Ma current signal and multi-channel switch
  • the sensor can work long-term under the harsh site and sewage water quality
  • optional SMS or GPRS wireless module to achieve remote telemetry
  • the sensor shell is polycarbonate, protection class IP68
  • built-in automatic temperature compensation
  •  the blind zone can be adjusted to shield the interference signal near the probe



Nominal diameterDN100,DN200,DN400,DN600,DN800
Accuracy±0.5%,±2.5%( when it use together with the simulation sensor use)

Flow range

(flow velocity)

(0.5~1) ~(0.5~10)m/s


measured medium

Maximum diving depth10m
Electrode materialstainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Medium temperature0~40℃
CommunicationRS232 or RS485
Power supply24VDCor 220VAC
DisplayLCD big screen back light display can show instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, pressure, the total numbers of positive and negative cumulative battery level, clock and alarm prompt etc.

Installation location selection

1.Choose the even (dark) channel cross-section uniform, stable flow of water for the sensor installation position.
The sensor is mounted on the ram and ensures that the sensor is fully submerged under the liquid surface. The ram must have sufficient strength to support the sensor and be subjected to liquid power.
2.The straight length of the channel should be at least 5 times the channel width
3.The flow direction on the sensor and the measured medium flow direction in the channel must be the same.

GMF500 24VDC electromagnetic DN600 flow meter for large diameter

Sensor diameter selection



Sensor diameter selection

Note:The value in the table is (sensor diameter mm) × (the total number of sensors and shunt models)

GMF500 24VDC electromagnetic DN600 flow meter for large diameter

Electromagnetic flow sensor and simulation sensor together

Confirm the following parameters before order: shape:Rectangular, trapezoidal, or other shape channels?

2.Channel width and height? maximum flow?


SI-3110-     Note
DiameterDN***    DN100,DN200,DN400,DN600,DN800(mm)
Power supply1   220VAC
2   24VDC
Output1  4-20mA
Communication1 RS485
2 RS232
Cable15Standard cable length
**Customized(over 15m charge)
The SI-3110 Submersible Electromagnetic Flow meter
is designed for:

Apply to measurement of the open channel, the close conduit, the river.

Apply to measurement of the round, the rectangular, the trapezoidal, and the channels of others shape.

All urban water supply diversion channels;
Water diversion and drainage channels, sewage treatment inflows and discharge channels;
Water discharge from industrial and mining enterprises;
and channels for water conservancy projects and agricultural irrigation.


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