Sanitary Temperature Sensor-Stainless Steel-Compact

Sanitary Temperature Sensor-Stainless Steel-Compact

The sanitary temperature sensor is a compact thermal resistor made entirely of stainless steel. Ideal for temperature measurement in hygienic and aseptic applications in the food, beverage and life science industries. The product is cost-effective, saves installation space, is simple to install and debug, and can be installed and used immediately.


  1. M12 aviation plug, fast and convenient;
  2. PT100 component, extremely short response time, accuracy of ±0.15% of the measurement range, and multiple insertion depths. Adjustable range 25~600mm;
  3. Built-in temperature transmitter, 4-20mA signal output;
  4. Clean without any dead ends. Chuck design makes replacement quick and easy;
  5. Precision welding, fine polishing, surface roughness up to 0.38μm;

Sanitary Temperature Sensor Technical Parameters

Name:Hygienic Compact Resistance Thermometer
Junction Box:M12 aviation plug (or customized)
Probe:Pipe type, isolation line
Temperature measurement range:-50℃~200℃
Accuracy level:CL.A
Protection tube outer diameter:6mm
Protective tube material:Sanitary grade 316L
Surface finish:0.38μm
Process connection:G1/2″ cone sealing system, chuck flange, etc.
Insertion depth:25~600mm

Measurement principle

The resistance of a resistance thermal resistor (RTD) sensor changes with temperature and is a sensitive platinum thermal resistor.
Electronic recording and conversion of Pt100 input signals for industrial temperature measurement.
When the measured temperature is 0°C, the impedance is 100Ω. Platinum thermal resistance TF film type is usually used, and its applicable temperature range is between -50℃…400℃. The measurement accuracy is high and the long-term stability is high.
Platinum resistance Pt100 sensors are most commonly used. The standard measurement accuracy of resistance thermal resistance (RTD) sensors complies with the IEC60751 standard.

More Featured Temperature Sensors and Measurement Solutions

The Sanitary Temperature Sensor is designed for temperature measurement in hygienic and aseptic applications such as food, beverages, and medicine. Sanitary Temperature Sensor supports 4-20mA signal output and transmitter temperature measurement and control. The meter head is available in stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum casings.

Our Sino-Inst Sanitary Temperature Sensor supports customization. Including insertion depth, mounting chuck size, etc. In addition to Sanitary Temperature Sensor, we also supply various industrial temperature thermocouples, thermal resistors, temperature transmitters and other products. If you have relevant purchasing needs, please contact our sales engineers!

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    Sanitary Temperature Sensor-Stainless Steel-Compact - Sino-Inst

    The Sanitary Temperature Sensor is a Hygienic Compact Resistance Thermometer. Sanitary grade 316L material. Chuck installation. Support customization!

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